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Simple Backrooms Addon you can create countless black rooms to dazzling party rooms, discover how to enter the rooms by flying over walls and face the challenge of survival.

Information of Simple Backrooms Addon

Name Simple Backrooms Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19
Size 0.98 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Villagecool
Price Free

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Introducing Simple Backrooms Addon

Hello everyone and welcome to the Simple Backrooms Addon - a magical and unique creation for your virtual world! This is a unique extension that helps you experience new challenges and discoveries in your virtual space. To create an inspiring experience, we have combined unique elements to create diverse and exciting environments.

Simple Backrooms Addon is an exciting creation that gives you the opportunity to explore a new, challenging and mysterious virtual world. Prepare for an exhilarating journey and discover unique aspects of the virtual world you've never experienced before!

Features of Simple Backrooms Addon

  • Endless Backroom Creation: The addon allows to create an infinite number of unique backrooms, opening up the possibility of exploring different types of environments and landscapes.
  • Unique Ways to Enter Backrooms: You can access the back rooms in a variety of fun ways such as suffocating, flying over walls, and using surrounding objects as a pillow.
  • Survival Challenge: Surviving in the back room will be fraught with difficulty. You need to manage your resources and deal with hunger and crowds in this harsh environment.
  • Unique Items: The addon offers a variety of items with different effects, including almond water to reduce hunger and the "Burning" music disc that brings back special memories.
  • Diverse and dangerous entities: In the back room, you'll face a variety of unique entities, from potentially offensive bacteria to dangerous partygoers. Each entity presents its own dangers and challenges.
  • Explore the following room types: This feature introduces various room types such as bathroom, banquet hall, dark room, and exit. Each room brings its own distinct elements.
  • Diverse Environments: Each of the following rooms is uniquely designed with a different environment and landscape, providing a diverse exploration experience.
  • Experimental settings: To use this addon, you need to enable all experimental settings to ensure stability and normal operation.


Pros and cons Simple Backrooms Addon

Pros of Simple Backrooms Addon

  • Uniqueness and Creativity: The addon brings a fresh approach to the virtual world experience, with features and elements unlike any other.
  • Endless Exploration: The ability to create countless unique back rooms opens up endless possibilities for exploration of the landscape and environment.
  • Create a challenge: The difficulty of surviving and facing the famine, the mobs, along with the dangerous entities, creates a challenging and engaging experience.
  • Room Diversity: Different room types offer a variety of exploration experiences, from mysterious dark rooms to dazzling banquet halls.
  • Unique Environment: Each of the following rooms has its own distinct environment, creating contrast and uniqueness in the experience.

Cons of Simple Backrooms Addon

  • Limited Customization: Customization and tweaking of addon elements can be limited, limiting your ability to create the experience you want.
  • Not suitable for everyone: Because of the challenging and sometimes dangerous nature of the environment, the addon may not be suitable for players who want to experience the virtual environment in a relaxing way.
  • Annoying ability: With the ability to survive in the face of hunger and difficulty in survival, some players may find this element annoying and uninteresting.
  • Limited Interaction: Based on the documentation, not much is known about the ability to interact with the environment or factors other than existing and facing the entity.
  • Require experimental settings: Requiring all experimental settings to be enabled to use addons may create inconvenience for some players.



In summary, the Simple Backrooms Addon is an exciting creation that offers many unique features and fresh experiences in the virtual space. With the ability to create countless unique back rooms, you'll be endlessly immersed. However, the experience also brings challenges and dangers, from starvation to encounters with dangerous entities.

Each of the following rooms brings diversity and uniqueness, creating different experiences for players. From suffocating to get in, flying over walls, to facing partygoers and dangerous bacteria, this experience is sure to test both your survival skills and your creativity.

Despite its unique advantages, limitations and annoyances are also unavoidable. Not everyone can cope with the difficulty and danger in this virtual environment, and the requirement to enable all experimental settings can also make using the addon a nuisance.

In short, Simple Backrooms Addon brings a unique and challenging experience to your virtual world. You will experience moments of curiosity, intrigue, and wonder as you explore the following rooms, confront entities, and overcome difficulties.

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