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Minecraft PE is everyone's favorite sandbox game with pixel graphics version for Android. Latest version for you with many updated features.

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Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 176 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Minecraft PE v1.19.62.01 (Bedrock Edition) is the full version to get The Wild Update on your Android OS. It includes over 150 changes and bug fixes, as well as over 200 new features, most of which are designed to improve vanilla biomes and add completely unique mobs. This version of MCPE is available to download now and has a lot of fun content for adventure and survival.

Now you have the opportunity to explore the ancient city, fight against the mighty and fearsome Warden monster, tame the friendly minion Allay, who will collect resources for you, using more than 20 items and blocks new, etc. ! . It is developed and varied, both on the surface and in the dungeon.

Minecraft release date 1.19

As you know, the winner of the Minecon 2021 voting is the Wild Update concept. The developers from Mojang also give players the chance to add some special things to this update. As a result, we will get a lot of new content that the developers have planned and some very clever things that players want, such as we can use the Rescue Compass, said where the player last died. It took an average of 10 months to develop and test all of these concepts, so the full version will be out this summer.

  • Release date: February 2023
  • Latest version: 1.19.62 Full
  • Platforms: Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One

Features of Minecraft PE 1.19.62

Frog light

  • When eaten by frogs, they will drop small blocks of magma.
  • It comes in three varieties: pearl (purple), green (green) and yellow (yellow).
  • Which shape is left depends on the variant of the frog that ate the magma block.
  • If a hot frog (white) eats the magma block, the pearl frog light will fall.
  • If a cold (green) frog eats the magma block, the green frog will light up.
  • If a block of temperate (orange) magma is eaten by a frog, a pale yellow frog will fall out.
  • It emits 15 levels of light.


  • Non-solid blocks can be placed on water.
  • It disappears when the water under the frog becomes clear.
  • Unobtainable in Survival: When damaged, it will not drop even when touching silk.
  • After mating, they are spawned by frogs as they are bred with smaller balls.
  • The tadpoles hatch after a while.
  • The tadpole variation depends on the biome it develops into a frog.

Mangrove leaves

  • I was born in a mangrove forest.
  • decorative block
  • Mangroves can overgrow if pressed with bone meal.


Mangrove tree

  • Created as part of a mangrove tree, it is located in a mangrove swamp.
  • It can be produced from planks and mangrove wood.
  • There are also abstract variables.

Mangrove slab

  • Made from mangrove logs.
  • It can be used to make custom panels, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure panels, signs, buttons, gates, boats and gates.

Mangrove orchids

  • A new type of seedling when planted will become a mangrove tree.
  • It grows under mangrove leaves.
  • It can be grown by applying bone meal to mangrove leaves that grow from their exposed bottom.
  • Spawns can also auto-evolve from cards, but only if they spawn naturally (not player-placed cards).
  • You have 4 full growth stages that can be sped up with bone meal.
  • He can chop down a mature tree and plant it in a mangrove.
  • It can be grown both on land and in water.
  • They can be placed in pots.
  • Bees can pollinate them.
  • The bees follow the players who catch them and can grow with them.

Mangrove roots

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • The decorative block is translucent, like leaves, but can be wetted with water.
  • Currently, the water has not spread to the outside like in other flooded blockhouses.
  • Mining is faster when using the ax.
  • Unlike plates, it does not break when moved by pistons.
  • They have unique sounds.


  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • It is found in mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Dirt, coarse dirt and deep-seated dirt can be generated directly or through the fountain using a water bottle.
  • Clay can be turned into clay by placing it on a pointed block with a stone dripping underneath. The ice drip dries it and forms a mass of water.
  • This makes the clay renewable in the Bedrock Edition (the clay is already renewable in the Java Edition).
  • Sentient beings sink a little while walking in the mud.
  • It's like a soul sandbox, but without the slowdown.
  • Enderman could be caught.

Skolk catalyst

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • It spawns in deep dark biomes.
  • Soul particles are emitted after the mob dies within 8 blocks and the corresponding blocks will grow.
  • Skulk blocks spread everywhere nearby mobs have died. The amount it emits depends on how much experience the mob should have.
  • Even if a mob doesn't drop XP because the player didn't kill him, blocks will still scatter based on how much XP they normally drop.
  • In these cases, the experience does not decrease.
  • The load decreases over time and the removal rate from the catalyst increases.
  • If the charge drops within 4 blocks of the catalyst, there is a chance of generating a Skulk sensor (90%) or a Skulk scream (10%).
  • If the charge moves more than 24 blocks from the catalyst, it will be lost.
  • Experience the drop only when the silk breaks without touching it.
  • It emits 6 levels of light.
  • It blooms when activated.


The scream of the skull

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • It spawns in deep dark biomes.
  • In the middle are two patterns in the shape of four spirits.
  • It has the ability to "scream" by emitting bell-like particles/sounds.
  • The sculk sensor is activated by the player's redstone or step signal.
  • Sculk only summons guards if there are no people in the 48 buildings.
  • Gives the player a shadow effect when activated.
  • If activated three times, the guard will call from the ground.
  • The player has 4 warning levels (0-3), each activation level increases by 1, never decreases.
  • If the player has successfully summoned a warden, just one attempt will be enough to summon a warden the next time.
  • Experience the drop only when the silk breaks without touching it.
  • It has a can_summon block that specifies whether to call Sentinel or not.
  • Set to true by default for skulk owner set via worldgen.
  • Set to false by default for sculk sounds given by players or generated by sculk spawns.

Scholk's vein

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • Spawns in deep dark biomes at the edge of Skulk patches.
  • Like snow, it appears as a top layer of blocks.
  • They can be placed in all directions, like glowing lichens.
  • It has a moving texture.
  • Nothing falls off when the silk is broken without touching it.
  • Some have transparent parts that allow the player to see the top block.
  • It can be submerged in water.

A bucket of tadpoles

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • An extra bucket of tadpoles can be obtained by catching a tadpole with a bucket of water.

Disc part

  • Download Minecraft PE version v1.19.62 Bedrock APK for free
  • Part of the "5" music disc can be created inside the disc.
  • It can only be obtained from chests found in ancient cities. It is extremely rare and hard to obtain.
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