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Minecraft PE is a regularly updated version that improves the player's gaming experience, bringing you into an open world, allowing you to explore, build and create wonders.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 184 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Minecraft PE is a version of Minecraft game developed by Mojang Studios, bringing players into an open world, allowing you to explore, build and create miracles. This version is regularly updated to improve the player's gaming experience. In this article, we will dive into the characteristics and features of Minecraft PE, as well as the benefits of playing this game.

Features of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE Beta version has many new and improved features, including:

Create more impressive graphics

Minecraft PE has improved graphics, making the game look better and more vivid. Objects, scenes, and people are all designed to be more detailed and realistic.

Support many new updates

Minecraft PE is constantly updated to improve players' gaming experience. Many new features have been added, including new item updates, new skills, and many other changes.

Diversify the way to play

Minecraft PE offers players many different ways to play. Players can create their own worlds, or participate in game modes such as Adventure, Survival, or Creative. Diversifying the gameplay makes the game richer and more interesting.


Minecraft PE allows players to connect with each other via a Wi-Fi connection or online. This allows you to play games with friends or other players around the world, enhancing the experience and creating many new experiences.

Benefits of playing Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE has many benefits for players, including:

Helps Boost Creativity

Minecraft PE allows players to create their own world with what they want. Building, creating structures or co-creating with friends will help enhance creativity and intellectual development for players.


Helps develop social skills

Minecraft PE offers a multiplayer feature that allows players to connect with each other. Playing games together will help strengthen players' social skills, helping them learn how to communicate and work as a team.

Helps to enhance thinking and problem-solving abilities

In Minecraft PE, players have to think to build, find resources, and solve different problems. This enhances the player's thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Helps relieve stress and entertain

Minecraft PE is a great entertainment game that helps relieve stress and fatigue. Players can freely explore their world and relax after stressful working and studying hours.

Minecraft PE Trails and Stories for Android with Xbox Live Works: Get old pottery shards, handmade decorations, find cherry blossom trees, and more!

Minecraft Beta

Many players have come to appreciate the artifact and fragrance elements in the game world. Mojang continues to fix bugs and develop new content. Fixed dozens of user issues as well as improved experimental features. Minecraft PE players can visit beautiful locations where unique cherry trees grow and search for old trees.

Cherry Forest

The developer's imagination has no limits. To fully feel the beauty of Minecraft world, players must visit Cherry Grove. Beautiful persimmon trees grow in these places. They are not only attractive in appearance but also have quite special functions. Like any wood, cherry can be a material for creating buildings and objects.



Among the mobs in Minecraft PE, there is one that looks like a dinosaur. Sniffer is unique in that it can find anything by smell. The animal is harmless to other fans, but can benefit players. Thanks to this creature, the character can receive seeds that can later grow in his garden.


Archeology opens up completely new possibilities for Minecraft players Ancient treasures are not difficult to find: the player must find sand blocks in the desert, whose texture is different from other blocks. The shady sands hide interesting finds. But to reach them, the user will need a brush to dig the tracks.

If the player is lucky, they will find pieces of pottery that will become pieces to create a decorative ceramic.


Minecraft PE Beta is a game full of fun and benefits for players. With multiplayer, players can connect with each other and interact in a colorful virtual world. In addition, Minecraft PE Beta also features that help players customize their game and enhance creativity.

If you are a game lover and want to experience Minecraft PE Beta, download it to your device and explore this exciting virtual world today!

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