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Explore a fascinating 3D sandbox world with Minecraft PE beta for Android. Build your world in the game with updated new features.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 176 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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The developers have released the beta version of Minecraft for Android. In this update, they improved the experimental features, made 2 changes and fixed 10 bugs.

What's new in Minecraft

In this version of World of Blocks, unusual options have been added as well as various fixes to the mob behavior mechanism. It will be useful for Nintendo Switch players to know that the touch control selection screen will not be shown in Minecraft PE

Meanwhile, the sign effect has become much more pronounced than before. If the player buys goods from the peddler, his profession will not be displayed on the screen.


The developers have changed the texture of this crowd to better suit the Java version. If you feed the camels with aloe vera, there is a high probability that after a while a small herd of cubs will appear with them.

The appearance of small individuals has also been updated in Minecraft In this version, landing on these creatures' heads has been improved and riding on them will still use chains.


Perforated bookcase

It would be helpful for players to know that the hole library sound has been updated in Minecraft PE Use the funnel to place or remove books from a shelf.


To make a bamboo hanging sign, you will need 2 blocks of chain and 6 blocks of chipped bamboo. By the way, the texture and sound design of such items in Minecraft PE has become noticeably better.

Experimental feature

  • A perforated bookcase fills up when books are added to an attached dropper or reservoir.
  • Vexes show left items.
  • Pressing the news button displays a toggle window.

Fix 10 bugs

  • Slimes and magma cubes do not spawn in areas 2 blocks high or less.
  • Raids start especially when the player enters a village with bad weather while surfing or horseback riding.
  • Fixed the item getting corrupted when attacked by mobs.
  • The hopper does not stop working when different things cannot be delivered.
  • Horses cannot be led over the fence while the tapestry is in place.
  • Vexes hit groups have been moved to the center of the model.
  • Vexes have different animations when things get out of control.
  • Allay and Vex sit neatly in boats and cars in Minecraft.
  • Fixed moving items from Creative mode inventory to user inventory.
  • Fixed touch controls when moving forward and moving sideways.


Technical change

  • Added 3 technical changes for the development and testing of the attachment.

You can get all these great changes in the new update. The Opaque bookshelf is now filled with books that drop from the Minecraft PE nightstands PE They also added a new property called getEffects which will return the array for the entity. As for commands, the launcher selector bug is now disabled in Minecraft Mobs Again, slime and magma will no longer spread to areas two blocks high or even lower. In the case of a raid, they will now be activated when a player brings bad luck into the village. Hopper won't be able to help but collect items as you try to drag them with various items.

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