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Tired of getting your stuff stolen after returning to your death location? Download Player Corpse MCPE and leave your corpse behind to guard. Recover your treasures!

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Information of Player Corpse

Name Player Corpse
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19
Size 218 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer XxPoggyisLitxX
Price Free

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Typically, in Minecraft, your items get impeded by the time you return to your death location after respawning. And, it is a very frustrating experience because it takes time and effort to add valuable items to your collection. So, if you want to keep your items safe, Minecraft Player Corpse MODS is something you definitely need.

Player Corpse Plugin is an incredible addon that leaves behind a corpse when you die. This corpse guards your items and prevents them from getting stolen. The corpse looks like a skeleton, probably yours, and it gives you coordinates of your death location so you can find your corpse with ease. The precise location of the corpse is extremely helpful in case you have forgotten where you died. The Player Corpse Addon Bedrock puts a corpse behind the moment you die, shows you coordinates of the exact location your corpse is at, and even displays the name of the player it belongs to. When you die, the corpse initially will have your player skin but will turn into the skeleton after an hour. You can check how long have you been dead from UI. The functionality of the corpse remains unaffected, even after turning into a skeleton.


To regain your assets from the corpse, you need to interact with it. You can recover all your loot when the UI opens. To interact with the corpse, you need to hit the corpse and you will be presented with a prompt menu that asks you whether or not you want to turn your corpse into dust. If you opt ‘yes’, your corpse will turn into dust and you will lose all your stored items. If you opt for ‘no’ the UI will open and you can recover everything you want. You may leave behind items you do not require; it is all up to you. The corpse can hold an unlimited amount of items. So, worry not! No matter how big your inventory is, it will all be safe.

Player Corpse Minecraft Server is compatible with Minecraft 1.0.9 version and above. The updated version has this cool feature of corpse-decaying animation which lasts for three Minecraft days.

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