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In the new update Minecraft PE released, experimental and daily changes were introduced, bugs were fixed and game performance improved.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 178 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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The developers have released the beta version of Minecraft for Android. The update includes 2 betas and 5 general changes, 5 version-matching improvements, and 24 bug fixes.

Experimental features

  • Added two updates to the demo game mode
  • Piglin's head in a short trunk that doesn't cover the creature's ears
  • Players take damage when falling from Camelback

Change 5 times

  • Player height when crouched is now 1.5 blocks
  • If the player is stuck less than 1.8 blocks away, the crouch is automatically activated.
  • Crouch lowers the height of the Minecraft camera
  • Enough space at the top to get rid of the reclining position
  • If a player cannot stand fully but can crouch, they will switch from swimming to crouching.

Issues noted by the developers and will be fixed in future updates:

  • The third person camera is blurred when driving through the blocks
  • Interaction with some blocks may not work when bending in small areas
  • Jumping over the edge of a block while crouching over small gaps may not work

Proper copy

  • Added 5 changes to Java and Bedrock Match
  • Bells connected to other blocks will not break when a block is destroyed
  • You can get different breeds while breeding horses.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to die to prevent other users from missing the night.
  • Food and drink animations are rendered centered and independent of the aspect ratio.
  • Note block sound disappears smoothly as you move away


Fix 24 errors

  • Players take full damage when touching damage blocks
  • Fixed bug when using map version in version 1.8

Fixed floats and planes:

  • Bullets don't hit the player's head
  • Objects cannot be thrown at the player's head

Improved element interaction

  • Notebooks recorded in the inventory are transferable, even if they are already there.
  • Double-clicking an item on the furnace slot will no longer drop that item
  • Fixed a bug that prevented observers from noticing the change
  • Circles attract objects even if they have incomplete blocks on them.
  • Properly destroying mangroves causes leaf rot
  • Removed the "dig" prompt when using Trident and pointing to blocks in Creative mode
  • Parrots don't swing on their shoulders when players ride
  • Static drawing of large distant objects
  • Updated how to play when using new touch controls
  • Switching from gamepad to touch controls When you hold an item, the item is thrown or placed in your inventory.
  • Fixed the oven bug when double tapping the last item slot
  • The map shows the correct symbols in the inventory.
  • Don't order to change things, don't rob, change things in the cauldron


Technical change

  • Added 11 technical changes to attachment development and testing
  • Tropical Fish spawn .json file is returned to the correct directory
  • Witch potions and attack range can be changed in the .json . file
  • Game does not report errors when using Bee Spawn Eggs in Spawner
  • Behavior packs with scripts can now be removed from the world

Known Issues

  • Can hide camera when going down blocks in third person view
  • Interacting with some blocks may not work when sneaking into the void
  • Jumping off the edge of the block may not work as expected when sneaking into the gap
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