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Minecraft PE is a remarkable version, with features of creativity, exploration and crafting, playing with friends, creating a virtual world full of diversity and attraction.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 717 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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About Minecraft PE game

Welcome to the adventure world of Minecraft PE - Trails and Tales! This is an impressive new version of the classic game, bringing you unique experiences and enjoyment in an innovative open world.

In Minecraft PE, you will be immersed in a colorful cube world where you can explore and create the impossible. You are free to explore an automatically generated random world, interact with your surroundings, and build from simple building blocks to complex structures. Let your creativity show through building cities, villages, castles or anything else you can imagine.

Trails and Tales version brings promising new features. Leverage the power of petals to create unique dyes and precious wood extracts. You can explore sand and gravel in search of ancient fragments, unfolding an exciting story of discovery and archeology.

In Minecraft PE, you are never alone. You can adventure alone or join friends on a journey of discovery. Build a community, share your artifacts and challenge each other in challenging adventures.

Discover new creatures and diverse biomes in the Minecraft world, and don't miss your chance to cultivate Sniffer, a unique mob. Utilize resources from Cherry Biome to build and decorate with unique cherry wood.

Minecraft PE version - Trails and Tales is not just a game, but an endless adventure is waiting for you. Join and discover wonders, create unique stories and experience an open world full of potential.

Minecraft PE game features

  • Using Petals and Wood Extracts: Petals in the game have the ability to create wood dyes and extracts. This opens up the opportunity to create many new items and resources from available resources.
  • Ancient Shard Search: Players can excavate and search for ancient shards under sand and gravel. This is an interesting exploration and archeology element in the game.
  • Biomes Exploration: The new version introduces new biomes, making the world more diverse. Players can interact with and use the help of these creatures in their adventures.
  • Trail Ruins and Mysterious Structures: Players can explore trail ruins and other mysterious structures underground. This promotes discovery and the search for hidden secrets in the Minecraft world.
  • Raise Mob Sniffer: You can raise a unique type of mob called Sniffer using eggs. They can help you find seeds and grow the crowd.
  • Cherry Biome and Cherry Wood: Cherry Biome is where players can find unique flowering trees, and cherry wood can be used for construction and decoration.
  • Improved Animations and Effects: The game has improved animations and effects, including the ability for cows to hide from hostile mobs and overcome obstacles.
  • Explore and Build with Friends: You can go on adventures with your friends, create communities, and share your creativity in building and exploring.


Pros and cons of the game Minecraft PE


  • Creativity: Minecraft is famous for its creativity, and this version is no exception. You can build anything you want, from monumental structures to unique creations.
  • Expansive Environments: There's an open world to explore and explore, with loads of different lands and weather conditions. This creates diverse and interesting environments.
  • Crafting and Exploration: The game encourages players to search for resources, craft new tools and items, and explore various features and mechanics in the Minecraft world.
  • Ability to play with friends: You can create your own servers or join other people's servers to play with friends. This creates a fun social and interactive experience.
  • Creative Community: Minecraft has a very large and creative community, with players sharing their artifacts, maps. You can enjoy the unique artifacts created by the community.



  • Rough graphics: Although interesting and unique, the graphics in Minecraft are still simple blocky graphics, not as sharp as higher graphics games.
  • Resource requirements: The game can require quite high computational and processing resources, especially when you build complex structures or participate in crowded servers.
  • Potential loss of time: Games can become very fun and addictive, resulting in you being able to spend hours a day playing. This can affect time spent on other activities.
  • Lack of clear instructions: The game does not provide many specific instructions, so players may feel initially confused when they have to learn the mechanics and features themselves.


Minecraft PE is a remarkable version of the classic game, giving players new and exciting experiences in an open world full of potential. Creativity, exploration and crafting, along with the ability to play with friends, create a diverse and engaging virtual world.

However, the game also has some disadvantages such as rudimentary graphics and potentially time consuming. Despite this, Minecraft's large and creative community has created an interesting space for players to express their creativity and social interaction.

With taking you on an journey and opening the door to imaginative creativity, Minecraft PE is truly a world of its own that you can explore and experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this version can satisfy your curiosity and passion for exploration, building and adventure in a rich world.

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