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Download Minecraft PE is the Android version of everyone's favorite sandbox with pixel graphics. Now explore the block world and create whatever you want with new updated version

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Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 180 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Unique Woodcraft, learn how and enjoy improved touch controls and bug fixes.

Minecraft Bamboo and experimental features

The developers of Mojang Studios once again pleased the players not only by fixing a large number of different bugs, but also by opening the veil of secrecy. Minecraft PE finally grants access to some experimental features that will be covered in more detail in later releases.

In the meantime, you can start learning some unique features. For example, learn to reproduce the sound of a crowd or construct buildings from a new type of wood.


As you know this plant is known to grow very fast and if you hit it with something made of the same material in the cube world, the bamboo will stop growing. In addition, the scope of application in Minecraft is gradually expanding.

Use an ax on this block of wood and it will be chipped and two of them can form a board.


But not only in construction, players can also use this wood. Bamboo is a great tool for navigating water rafts.

And if you combine 6 excavated blocks with 2 ropes you will get a hang tag. It can be used as a bookmark in Minecraft PE


Mob sound

The absolute novelty of the latest releases can be considered the arrival of Mob Sounds. When a mob head is pinned to a certain block, a sound starts playing. And in Minecraft there is also ear movement animation if you use pig head.

Riding a horse

It is best to ride a camel on any trip. Also in Minecraft PE, the developers not only improved the appearance of the animal, but also made it easier for players to land on it.

Additionally, the leash can now be used even if the player is already on horseback.

The developers have released the beta version of Minecraft for Android. The update includes 4 changes in the demo mode, 6 additional updates, 11 bug fixes and 29 other technical changes.

Experimental features

  • Removed black lines on the edges of bamboo gates and fences.
  • Anonymous demos will appear in the non-test world when moved with Building Blocks.
  • Camels can climb obstacles up to 1.5 blocks high
  • The Mangrove and Bamboo hanging banner appears correctly in the Creative Warehouse.

Copy equally

  • Added 3 changes to Equality Java and Bedrock
  • Added the sound of beautiful amethyst blocks and clusters
  • Improved stick drop when killing dead bushes with various tools
  • Bells do not break when blocks are placed above or below them.



  • Witches drink fire retardant while standing by the fire.
  • Updated the in-game market icon in the side menu
  • If the player doesn't hold the crouch button, they can jump off the edge of a block while sneaking up.
  • Applies to small holes where players cannot stand to their full height.

Fix 11 bugs

  • The third person camera no longer hits the player's head when going through blocks.
  • The Nether port is not available in Supervisor mode.
  • The redstone dust source can now power a block from multiple sides at once.
  • If the player cannot stand upright, they cannot fly.
  • Composters now fill materials correctly at all stages.
  • The crossbow vibrates when reloading.
  • Snow Golem Eggs, Wither Skeleton and Llama Trader spawn correctly in inventory and quick access panel.
  • Improved Android keyboard functionality when entering text.
  • Callbacks will no longer create angular objects.

Technical change

  • Added 29 technical changes to accessory development and testing.
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