Skibidi Toilet Minecraft 1.20.1

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Skibidi Toilet Minecraft: enhance your gaming experience with the ability to enjoy your favorite music, introduce extra characters, and add a touch of humor to your in-game world!

Information of Skibidi Toilet Minecraft

Name Skibidi Toilet Minecraft
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1
Size 377 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Brandon Taylor
Price Free

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About of Skibidi Toilet Minecraft

Skibidi Toilet Minecraft is a fun mods for Minecraft, inspired by the short series Skibidi Toilet on YouTube. This mods adds to the game unique characters and features related to Skibidi toilets and other fictional characters. With Skibidi Toilet Minecraft, players have the opportunity to experience a colorful and funny world.

Details of all the features of Skibidi Toilet Minecraft

Skibidi Toilet: Mods Skibidi Toilet Minecraft introduces the main character as the Skibidi toilet. This character has the ability to play the famous Skibidi music and has its own health stats. Players can interact with the Skibidi toilet and listen to the music played in the game.

Videographer and speaker: The mods also adds to the game two other characters, the cameraman and the speaker. These characters do not attack other creatures and have a supporting role in everyday life.


Special sound and behavior features: Skibidi Toilet Minecraft allows players to listen to Skibidi music and enjoy unique meme sound effects. The mods also reproduces the character model and personality of each character in detail, bringing it to life and close to the fans.

Pros and cons of Skibidi Toilet Minecraft:


  • Bring fun and humor to the game Minecraft.
  • Add to the game new characters and unique features, creating a new experience for players.
  • Make a connection with the short series Skibidi Toilet on YouTube, attracting the interest of fans.


  • The Skibidi Toilet Minecraft mods may not be suitable for everyone due to its humorous and non-traditional nature.
  • There may be incompatibilities or errors when using mods from untrusted sources.


Skibidi Toilet Minecraft is a fun mods for Minecraft PE, giving players a unique and funny experience. With special features such as the Skibidi toilet and related characters, players can enter a world full of colors and meme sounds. While this mods may not be suitable for everyone and may have some compatibility issues, it is an interesting option to add something special to the Minecraft game.

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