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Dynamite Addon MCPE will help you blow up your friends or enemies from near and far. Get Minecraft Dynamite MODs and craft a TNT to make things more bombastic!

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Information of Dynamite Addon

Name Dynamite Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19.2
Size 26 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Dynamite Addon
Price Free

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If you ever wanted to mess with your friends without notable damage or just blow up something for fun, then the Dynamite Addon setting is exactly what you need. This add-on gives you a dynamite stick which is an explosive. You can have blasting fun for hours with the Dynamite Addon Server. The damage from the dynamite stick depends on how far you are standing from the target. The closer you are to the target the more damage you can cause. You can throw your dynamite four blocks away from where you stand but if you jump while you are throwing, the dynamite can go as far as six blocks.

The Dynamite Addon Texture Pack lets you change the red candle's texture to a dynamite stick. This dynamite is only decorative but will scare away your enemy mobs and creatures, tricking them into thinking it is real dynamite.


Dynamite Addon Pocket Edition has paper, string, and gunpowder. You can use these to craft a dynamite stick on the crafting table and explode mobs. You will need three papers, one string, and one gunpowder arranged in a particular manner to craft dynamites.  Once you have crafted the dynamite sticks, you can make winged dynamites or even TNT to make things more interesting. Dynamite sticks or winged dynamites will only destroy mobs and not damage the blocks but TNT will damage the blocks too.

Dynamite Addon Bedrock will let you craft winged dynamites and TNTs. Make winged dynamite using two feathers from the creative inventory and a dynamite stick. Winged dynamites do not need to be pointed toward the target, they will explode the nearest mob. But, TNT and dynamite sticks need to be aimed. You get two TNT blocks using nine dynamite sticks. All the dynamite sticks you craft using Dynamite Addon MODs for Education Edition will explode as soon as they hit the land while TNT takes a few seconds to explode.

Dynamite Addon iOS is available for iOS users and windows users there is Dynamite Addon Windows. This add-on is becoming increasingly popular, so download yours now and have endless fun blowing up mobs and sending off flying dynamites. Remember! These are powerful weapons.

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