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Vampirism Minecraft is an attractive and unique mini game in the Minecraft world, allowing players to experience the war between two factions of vampires and werewolves.

Information of Vampirism

Name Vampirism
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1
Size 4.57 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer maxanier
Price Free

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Introduction to the game Vampirism

"Vampirism" is a mini game in Minecraft developed by plugin (extension software) created by the community of players. This game brought to Minecraft, allowing players to enter the world full of mystery and mystery of vampires.

In Vampirism, players can choose to become one of two factions: Werewolf or Vampire. The game supports single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to join your friends or other gamers on Minecraft servers.

Werewolf gameplay:

When you choose to become a Werewolf, you will have more strength and fighting ability than the average person. You can transform into wolf form to increase your strength and movement speed, and use unique skills such as high jump, tunneling, and wolf pack training to aid you in battle.

Game of Vampires:

Becoming a Vampire is a completely different experience. You will have the ability to fly and fight from the air. To maintain your power, you need to suck blood from villagers or awaken ancient tombs to find a source of blood. In addition, you can use magic spells and a variety of other strengthening skills.

Objectives and gameplay:

The objective of the game can be quite simple, like killing opponents or surviving in harsh environments. However, some servers can host special events, war between two factions, or more complex missions that require both sides to think strategically and cooperate to achieve their goals.

Customize and install:

Vampirism is usually installed through plugins created by the player community, which means that each server can have different rules and features. Players can also customize the skills and abilities of the characters, creating variety and fun in the game.

Features of Vampirism:

Werewolf Faction:

  • Transform into wolf form with increased power and speed.
    Use special skills such as high jump, tunnel and attack opponents.
  • It is possible to train and create a pack of wolves to help you in battle.

Vampire Faction:

  • The ability to fly and fight from the air.
    Steal blood from villagers or from ancient tombs to stay strong.
  • Use magic spells and special strengthening skills.

Skill and progression system:

  • Both factions have their own skill systems, allowing you to customize and improve your character to your preferred playstyle.
  • As you progress, you can open new skills and upgrade existing skills.

Environments and NPCs:

  • The world of Vampirism has ancient villages, people, and tombs.
  • Players can interact with NPCs, sucking their blood if they are Vampires, or protecting them if they are Werewolves.

Special weapons and equipment:

  • A wide range of weapons and special equipment is available to each faction.
  • Players can use them to improve their strength and fighting ability.

Single player and multiplayer mode:

  • Vampirism supports both single player and online play on Minecraft servers.
  • You can join servers with the Vampirism plugin installed to play with other gamers.

Vampirism pros and cons

Advantages of Vampirism:

  • Fun and unique: Vampirism offers a unique and novel experience in the Minecraft world, allowing players to become vampires or werewolves with special abilities and distinct skills.
  • Variety and Customization: The game features a skill and progression system for both factions, allowing players to customize their characters to their preferred playstyle.
  • Diverse game modes: Vampirism supports both single player and multiplayer, allowing you to experience the game with friends or join Minecraft servers with this plugin installed.
  • Creative Community: The game is developed by a community of Minecraft players, which ensures that new features and content can be added via plugin versions and updates.

Disadvantages of Vampirism Minecraft:

  • Depends on plugin and server: Vampirism is a plugin-based mini-game, which means you have to find a Minecraft server that installs this plugin or install it yourself on your own server to play it.
  • Not an official part of Minecraft: Vampirism is not an official part of Minecraft and is not built into the base version of the game. This means that you need to install the plugin and may experience compatibility or update issues when the version of Minecraft changes.
  • Balance: Since the game is developed by the community and is not an official product, balancing the features and abilities of each faction may not be perfect and encounter some issues related to fairness in the game.
  • Performance and configuration requirements: Using plugins and mods may affect the performance of Minecraft and requires better computer configuration for the best playing experience.


Vampirism Minecraft is an attractive and unique mini-game in the Minecraft world, allowing players to experience the war between two factions of vampires and werewolves with special abilities and skills. This game offers a great deal of variety and customization, allowing players to enhance their characters and experience diverse game modes such as single and multiplayer.

Despite its attractive strengths, Vampirism also carries limitations. Not an official part of Minecraft, the game relies on plugins and a community of players, leading to either finding a support server or installing the plugin on a private server. Balance and performance can also face some fairness issues and requires better computer configuration for the best experience.

However, with interesting features and creativity from the player community, Vampirism Minecraft is still an attractive game for those who love the world of Minecraft and want to explore new possibilities in this game. If you are passionate about the world of vampires and werewolves, this could be the right mini game for you to try and enjoy the unique experiences.

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