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Install Expansive Ores Addon MOD and expand your bedrock with amazing new ores, weapons, tools, and much more. Play Minecraft like a pro with wonderful items!

Information of Expansive Ores Addon

Name Expansive Ores Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19
Size 505 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer SystemTv
Price Free

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If you are a beginner and want to own better tools and ores or a pro player looking for an extended inventory to play with, Expansive Ores Addon Bedrock is just the thing for you. This amazing addon adds new ores, weapons, armor, utility items, shields, and much more with a customizable UI.

Expansive Ore Addon Full Set features 10 new shields (material: Platinum, Rhodium, Ruby, Topaz, Jade, Amber, Sapphire, Onyx, Uranium, and Fluorite), new ores, tools for mining, battleaxes, hammers, entities, structures you can find in the biomes (houses, churches, trees, temples, monuments, ponds, fountains, water wells, etc.), potions and new recipes for generating amazing items. Updates of this addon are expected to expand your inventory and Minecraft experience more lively and exciting.


Other useful items that Expansive Ores Addon Minecraft Server provides are: -

  • Drills: To break any block or custom block instantly. You will need to craft a motor first which will run these drills. Once you have the motor you can combine it with any drill and start breaking blocks.
  • Amber Amulet: This amulet will help you scare away the lesser hostile mobs like zombies, magma cubes, skeletons, zombie villagers, husks, spiders, etc. You can craft an amber amulet using the crafting table.
  • Amber Totem: Craft an amber totem to enhance your heart capacity when you receive damage. You will need to hold it in your main or secondary hand for the totem to take effect.
  • Apples: You can craft apples from amber, sapphire, onyx, ruby, topaz, etc. The recipe for all these apples is the same. You will need to insert the mineral of your choice to turn it into that exact mineral apple.

Expansive Ore Addon Pocket Edition adds many interesting items and weapons to the Minecraft bedrock. And all of these items have a certain function which you will learn when you use them while playing. For example; hammers will break 3x3 blocks but certain materials will be hard to break with some hammers. You will need to switch your weapon to a stronger one to break that block. The durability of each tool varies too. The quality of each tool decides how long it will last. You will find a lot more compelling items and ores to work with. So, have fun exploring!

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