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Minecraft PE with improved interface, text-to-speech feature and many other attractive changes. Enjoy a smooth and innovative game experience on your mobile device.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 205 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Minecraft PE intro

We are pleased to present you the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) - version! With our developers' unwavering passion, we've brought a host of significant improvements and new features that promise to enhance your mobile gaming experience.

In this version, we will experience a brand new World Screen with a subtly redesigned interface. Feel the ease of navigating and exploring your world like never before. Separated into Kingdoms and Friends tabs, you can easily create new worlds or create worlds from pre-existing templates with a single click.

With improved text-to-speech functionality, you can interact with your Minecraft world more easily and naturally using your voice. We've improved command functionality with blocks, making it easier to perform more complex tasks and open new recipes by default.

And that's not all! With 9 bugs fixed and 20 new technical changes added, we've greatly enhanced performance and gaming experience. Issues such as audio sensing, image processing, and stability on the dedicated server have all been optimized.

We believe that Minecraft PE version will bring you exciting and creative moments. Get ready to enter the colorful world and discover new things!

Features of Minecraft PE

New World screen:

  • Improved interface design, making it easier for you to navigate and explore your Minecraft world.

Separate Kingdoms and Friends tabs:

  • The Kingdoms and Friends tabs have been clearly divided, making it easier to create new worlds or create worlds from templates.

Text-to-speech function:

  • This functionality has been improved for more efficient text-to-speech, creating a more natural interactive experience.


Improved command functionality with blocks:

  • Commands feature with blocks has been improved, helping you perform complex tasks and open recipes by default.


  • Amethyst is improved, making it brighter.
  • The acoustic sensor is calibrated to match when the blocks are in operation.
  • Fixed Hanging Sign hitbox.
  • Fixed a bug in the third-person camera view when looking at the bottom of the Compost.
  • Improved stability on dedicated servers, avoiding memory loss.
  • Gamepad control button icon is fixed.
  • The text slider moves by clicking to create an easier experience.
  • Change the menu name to "Game Menu" for more clarity.
  • World shadows no longer affect the transparency of interface elements.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting crossbows lost durability.

Technical changes:

  • Added 20 new technical changes for addon development and testing.

Pros and cons of Minecraft PE

Pros of Minecraft PE

  • Improved World Screen: New interface design makes it easier to navigate and create worlds, providing a better user experience.
  • Improved Text-to-Speech: This feature upgrade makes interacting with Minecraft worlds by voice more efficient and convenient.
  • Improved command functionality with blocks: The ability to open recipes by default and improved command functionality help players perform more complex and creative tasks.
  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Bug fixes and optimizations on both interface and server performance improve gaming experience and stability.
  • New technical changes: Adding new technical changes creates opportunities for developers to test and develop unique addons.


Cons of Minecraft PE

  • Possible New Bugs and Issues: Any software update may introduce new issues and bugs that affect the user's gaming experience.
  • Incompatibility with some older devices: New enhancements and features may make this new version incompatible with some older or weaker devices.
  • Adaptation time: Players need time to adapt to the interface changes and new features, especially for those who are used to the previous version.
  • Key features are not clearly mentioned: The documentation does not provide a clear view of the main features introduced in this release.
  • Device Update Required: The user may be required to update the Android or iOS version of the operating system in order to be able to install and play this new version.


Minecraft PE version brings many improvements and new features that promise to make your mobile gaming experience even more enjoyable. The new World screen with its optimized design and improved text-to-speech are the highlights, making world creation and in-game interaction easier than ever.

On the other hand, bug fixes and optimizations have improved game stability and server performance, creating a smoother gaming environment. However, as with any update, there is also the possibility of new bugs or incompatibility with some older devices.

With the support of the community of players and developers, Minecraft PE promises to bring excitement and creativity into your virtual world. Get ready to discover new features and enjoy the unique world found only in this version of Minecraft PE.

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