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Download School Dot Fight APK is an action game for Android that is loved by many players today. Attractive gameplay with many challenges and obstacles combined with pixel graphics.

Information of School Dot Fight

Name School Dot Fight
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.2
Size 204 MB
Category Game
Developer Mosaic
Price Free

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About School Dot Fight APK

Be a hero, fight fiercely at school

School Dot Fight Apk is an arcade fighting game for everyone because of its original gameplay and clear human message. School Dot Fight is reminiscent of 90s action fighting games, with classic pixel graphics as well as seamless retro music and colors to create every scene, character and action. One more reason for those looking for a retro feel to come to this game.


School Dot Fight Apk appeared at a more opportune time. There have been too many serious cases of school violence in many countries around the world, except where you live. No organization, hotline or adult person can completely stop this dreadful evil.

Victims of violence at school experience not only physical but also psychological trauma. It is a wound that haunts them throughout their lives, that cannot be explained to anyone, that affects their future and life path.

Maybe when they became accidental victims, they once wished they had a hero to take down all the schoolyard bullies. Create a brighter and more equitable learning environment.

At least in this School Dot Fight game, many victims' dreams will come true.

While playing School Dot Fight Apk, you will play the role of a schoolgirl who looks young but hides her strength more than those whose fighting skills are not inferior to any warrior. The girl will move from one school to another alone, she will fight and sweep all the gangsters who are bullying the innocent students in the school.


Classic game magic

The fighting and simple controls are like playing an old arcade game. There are no major weapons in School Dot Fight, only punches and skill combinations that go together, but School Dot Fight Apk is still attractive enough for players thanks to its logical gameplay, classicism and possible speed. Make it difficult for any mature player.

School hero

School Dot Fight Apk is divided into 5 major levels according to difficulty, from easy to intense. Each level has many different mini-levels with different situations and enemies. So, no matter what playground you are in, you can enjoy School Dot Fight at your own level.

In School Dot Fight, your opponents are school violence gangs, street gangsters and all forces that can endanger the safety of the school. The enemies are quite diverse, each gang group can have one or more members. They're a little smart. The proof is that every time you attack using the reaction technique, they will counterattack according to your attack.

Fighting in School Dot Fight Apk is fast. Things were faster after that. In the beginning, you can still think about which way to move, how to kick, punch or hook the opponent's elbow. But in the later stages, you won't have time to think about various ideas. Then you only have the option to swipe right away. In this way, the rhythm of the game always creates a high level of excitement.

Highlights of School Dot Fight Apk


ICEY only uses 2D graphics with side-scrolling gameplay, but the game's visuals have been carefully polished. The movements of the character are very smooth and fluid. It is enough for you to play this game for hours without getting bored.


There are many different locations in the game to choose from. The maps available include the Lost Forest, Crossroads, Subway Entrance, Subway Transfer, Clock Tower, Puppet Theatre, Clock Tower Entrance, Sewer, Ultimopolis, and Destiny Chamber.

The visuals, movements and reliability of the game are affected by your screen resolution. Streamer Recommendation You should use a well-configured phone and turn off background apps for a smoother experience.

In-game graphics

Our character is always at school. So the installation will revolve around different classrooms, such as the music room, gym, classroom, experiment, or hallway outside the classroom. Below the carefully drawn lines, the scenes are rendered with 2D graphics. The game has bright and eye-catching colors. Also the sound that comes with the effects is also quite attractive and attractive for players to enjoy the best feeling.

Create the character you want

Players can create their own characters in this virtual world. You can customize everything from hair and clothes to skin color. You can also not only change its appearance, but also choose the character of your character. Whether you like being a ravioli boy or a ravioli girl, it's simple. At the same time, players can do whatever they want in this game to prove themselves.

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