Teaching Feelings APK 3.0.23

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Teaching Feelings APK is an emotional and interactive visual novel game where players experience a meaningful life and psychological journey with Sylvie.

Information of Teaching Feelings

Name Teaching Feelings
Compatible with Android 6.0 +
Last version 3.0.23
Size 830 MB
Category Game
Developer Teaching Feeling Official
Price Free

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Introducing the game Teaching Feelings APK

Teaching Feeling APK is a unique visual novel game that simulates the life of a single doctor in a small city who suddenly receives and takes care of a girl named Sylvie. With scenery and sounds typical of the land of cherry blossoms, the game gives players an immersive experience of beauty and romance.

The plot of Teaching Feeling APK revolves around the player having to help Sylvie recover mentally and physically after difficult events. By interacting and taking care of Sylvie, players will see their lives change and become more meaningful.

Features of Teaching Feelings APK game

  • Rich plot: The game offers a deep and complex plot, with many developments and developments of the main character and supporting characters.
  • Diverse interactions: Players can interact with the character Sylvie through many different actions such as talking, rubbing her head, touching her body, thereby affecting the relationship and direction of the story.
  • High-quality graphics and sound: With beautiful graphics and vivid sound, the game brings an engaging and vivid experience to players.
  • Life management: In addition to taking care of Sylvie, players must also maintain their own lives by making a living, shopping and visiting and experiencing the surrounding life.
  • Choice options: The game provides different choices for the player during interaction with the character, thereby affecting the direction and outcome of the story.
  • Multiple endings: The player's actions and decisions lead to multiple endings, creating replayability and exploration.
  • Situational compatibility game: Each player's choice will lead to different directions and development of the story, creating diversity and high interactivity.


Instructions for playing Teaching Feelings APK

  • Start the game: Open the Teaching Feelings APK application after successfully installing. Wait for the game to load and launch.
  • Choose language: The game will ask you to choose the language you want to use during gameplay. Select the appropriate language and continue.
  • Start the adventure: After selecting the language, the game will start with a new adventure. You will take on the role of a single doctor and begin your journey with Sylvie.
  • Interact with Sylvie: Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to interact with Sylvie through different choices and actions. Use the interactive options to develop your relationship with her and continue your adventure.
  • Life management: At the same time, you also need to manage your own life by making a living, shopping and enjoying the surrounding life.
  • Choices and endings: Every decision and action you make will affect the story and ending of the game. Choose carefully and enjoy your journey with Sylvie.



Teaching Feelings APK is not simply an entertaining game, but also a deep interactive and psychological experience. With a rich storyline, diverse interactions, high-quality graphics and sound, along with many different options and endings, the game promises to bring players memorable moments of entertainment and exciting experiences. emotional experience.

With a combination of gameplay and psychological elements, Teaching Feelings APK not only pleases players with exciting action scenes but also makes them reflect on life decisions and the importance of making decisions. care for and interact with others.

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