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Download Lost Life APK is a simulation game with a story about a girl who has to go through fear, horror in her horrible life. A game full of feelings that is loved by many people today.

Information of Lost Life

Name Lost Life
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.55
Size 165 MB
Category Game
Developer Shikstoo Games
Price Free

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What is Lost Life APK?

Lost Life has become the most popular game among individuals, especially teenagers and adults. This is because the puzzle game has a really engaging and interesting plot for all these people.

Lost Life APK is the exploration of a truly horrific lifestyle, using a person's desire for activity, a dramatic scary journey and anxiety, and the lifestyles of different men and women, whose every action will affect his destiny, your survival and death.
This is a horror game of action, experience and anxiety that only one individual can experience. Any action will certainly affect your fate.

This puzzle game has a surprising and somewhat scary story. However, the game is very interesting. You won't be surprised if most of you have tried playing this game. The terrible journey is summarized in one picture. The lifestyle of the individual by age, the personal identity of the historical individual.

It was created in an interactive publication suitable for the careful people. It has a particularly simple interface that uses a dark background and white text.

At some point in this story, there are two options. Choose wisely because each choice will directly affect your life, death and destiny. In other words, your story will evolve in one way or another, depending on the answers you choose.


A great and fun experience that can stop us for once. However, in the free version of the game we are constantly interrupted by advertisements, so the feeling of fear is somewhat affected.

Lost Life APK Walkthrough

You are here after the story turns into a game. Here is the story of a little boy. In it, you have to choose two options to be able to present the story to you from time to time. Often these are life-changing moments, so you need to be careful with your decisions.

Because every choice you make affects your life and those around you. However, you don't know much about the immediate future and that means you have to take responsibility for your choices. These will be ghosts and creatures that may fall into your creation as you read this story.

In life, participants need to live life from a young age. Every decision you make throughout the game has an immediate effect on your character's fate. Therefore, any action you choose in this game must be done with the utmost determination.

The background color for your composition is black, a cool background hue that looks a little scary.


Story of Lost Life APK

Since you are an inexperienced child, you may like the story. Here you have many fantasies such as talking to loved ones and nocturnal animals. Also, we can't tell other stories as they might spoil you. But after a few studies you will discover that you will sink into the background.

Features Lost Life APK

Make your own decisions

Lost Life has many alternatives for you. For starters, you'll be asked if you want to tell your mom about the ghost in your closet. You will then be asked what kind of fantasy you prefer. Depending on your preferences, you can have a different ending. So you have to choose wisely and face the consequences of your actions in this game!

Good sound effects

Although the game does not contain visuals or movies, it can confuse adults with its narration and sound results. The setting tells the story perfectly and will give depth to these characters. Generally, the noise effect is greater when there is no picture in the game.


Lost Life APK is a great game that follows realistic scenarios. Know that the atmosphere of solitude can welcome you in a private encounter. This is safe software for Android devices. This APK has been tested. Download and play this software and discuss it with your friends and loved ones.

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