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Download Project GLUTT APK is a 2D action game for Android, with weird gameplay mechanics that devour and digest your enemies in the game.

Information of Project GLUTT

Name Project GLUTT
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 280 MB
Category Game
Developer draconicsynax
Price Free

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GLUTT PROJECT APK: Defeat your enemies with a voracious tap

Project GLUTT APK Free Download is a platform game where you control a science experiment fugitive in the form of a human tooth. escape route? After stunning them with a stun gun, eating anyone or anything in your way.

Project GLUTT APK for Android offers a smart mechanism to destroy enemies where your consumption has a limit. You can only swallow one person at a time, and after eating one you have to play a little game and press the digest again and again.

While eating, the main character's stomach swells and a thin facial expression appears on his face as digestion takes place until he burps loudly. The bones of a defeated enemy are spit out and roll off the screen; this is a witty and dark but still fun effect.


The latest Project GLUTT APK has been updated to include a good story for the game. The premise explains that our hero is a science experiment trying to escape his destiny to become a lab rat, the only problem is that the scientists and guards are trying to stop him.

Oh, and there's also the matter of throwing aliens into the mix to make escape even harder, add to the fact that we're on a starship in space! Things get even more complicated.


Exciting Features of Project GLUTT APK to watch out for

Consumption mechanics

The main attraction of Project GLUTT APK is how the hero survives by eating his enemies. Consumption mechanics are a truly unique way of making the game a challenge, as you can only eat one enemy at a time at the start.

The minigame also appears when you spam an action button; Funny animations show the heroine tapping her bloated stomach as she angrily beat herself up until digestion is complete. If you fail the minigame, the enemy will explode, but you can still eat them again.

Difficult but fair platforms

Another element of Project GLUTT APK that makes it stand out is that the main character can double jump at any time after the first jump. The jumping ability is commonly used to create different parts of the platform that are difficult to access if you are not exercising.

The game balances things out by hiding rewards behind hard-to-reach areas that require precise button timing and hand-eye coordination to execute. Bonuses offer power-ups that make the game a little easier and take advantage of any advantage you can get in challenging games.


Useful tips when running Project GLUTT APK

Project GLUTT APK has many dangers lurking around every corner, but we will share some helpful tips to help you out.

Don't be greedy

It's kind of annoying, but it's best not to try to consume everything you see while playing Project GLUTT APK. The reason you don't go after the item in the first place is that you will have a hard time digesting it, as the enemies may overwhelm you.

Application basis

If you want to be good at the game, you should consider practicing the jump mechanics and exploring different areas. The game won't hold your hands and take care of you when it comes to rewards, so if you want these gifts, do your best.

Final Thoughts

The GLUTT APK project has a great concept behind it, and what's even more surprising is that the developer is just one person. The game has been evolving since its first BETA release and with continuous improvements, this is definitely a hidden gem worth your time.

I encourage you all to support the developer and explore the game for yourself, and this is easy advice to others, especially those looking for something different to play.

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