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Princess of Dirty Room Apk is a simulation game with new gameplay for Android. Help Kurose Hikage clean the room in the game and there will be surprises for you.

Information of Princess of Dirty Room

Name Princess of Dirty Room
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.4
Size 99.9 MB
Category Game
Developer Sleepy Florentine
Price Free

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About Princess of Dirty Room APK

Kurose Hikage, a reclusive girl, lives in a dirty room.

I was asked to clean the dirty room and came to visit but the person refused to clean the room.

Working as a housekeeper, the main character is asked to clean Hikage's dirty room, but she refuses.

Chat options will appear throughout the story feed, so choose a variety and enjoy the development.

If you make a choice, you may still end up with a bad ending title.

The total size is not much, so it is not difficult to search for all the options.


Welcome to Princess of Dirty Room. The cute little princess Kurose Hikage is at home, her family is away for a while and she is home alone. You made a mess at home. Everything was messy and sloppy. He has to make everything perfect before his family comes home.

You have to help him clean and fix it. Get into your house, keep an eye on everything and start cleaning the house.
There are 5 different places to clean. bedroom, hall, kitchen, bathroom, garden.

You will start from the lobby and turn on the TV and air conditioning. Clear the table and place the items on the table and sofa. Throw the garbage in the trash. Wipe the floor with the snake. Get a good cloth to clean the wall.


Now it's time to clean the kitchen and organize the fruits and food in the fridge. Wash the dishes with soap and put them on the rack. Throw the mess in the trash. Use a towel and cotton swab to wipe the food off the floor.

Clean up the messy bathroom after cleaning the kitchen. Turn the faucet. Place soaps and bath toys in their proper places and scrub the sink. Throw dirty toilet paper in the trash. Wash the toilet bowl with water, rub it with cotton, then wash it with a brush. Clean the tub and clean it with a brush.

Now go to the bedroom, put the fabric in the basket. Use the broom to clean floors and windows. Go to the garden and remove the dirty plants. Use the seeds and spray some water to grow new plants.

Basic function

  • Simple game easy to play
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Great graphics.
  • Step cleaning process
  • Many places to clean
  • Different tools and things to use for cleaning


List of rooms to be cleaned

  • Lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Bedroom
  • Garden

Try this game to do amazing cleaning.

Princess of Dirty Room Apk is a game where you have to help this little princess clean her messy but noble dream house. You will play as a princess who lives in a beautiful house and your duty is to help her clean the house and make it beautiful. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you will need to clean the house, different rooms and furniture.

You will get several different tools to complete the cleaning task. For example, you can use a mop, brush, broom, vacuum cleaner, etc. You will also be able to use various materials such as soap, water and other materials to complete the quest.

After completing the cleaning task, you will have to decorate the house. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of decorations including photos, wall decorations, lights, furniture, and more.

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