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Panda’s Extra Details adds animations and small details to the blocks and entities in the game, creating a richer and richer world that creates a vivid, magical, and beautiful world

Information of Panda’s Extra Details

Name Panda’s Extra Details
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.20
Size 191 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer PandaDap2006
Price Free

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Introducing Panda's Extra Details

Panda's Extra Details is an interesting version for the game Minecraft, aiming to give players a new and more vivid experience in the Minecraft world. This version focuses on adding animations and small details to the blocks and entities in the game, creating a more beautiful and rich world. Create a more vivid, magical and beautiful world by adding animations and small details to different parts of the game.

Features of Panda's Extra Details

  • Additional animations and details: This version adds animations and small details to the blocks and entities in the game, creating more liveliness and appeal in the Minecraft world.
  • Vivid Environments: The Minecraft world in the version is enriched with captivating animation and detail, creating a more vivid environment for players to explore.
  • Interesting effects: The version brings magic and charm by adding beautiful effects, such as leaves swaying gently in the wind and water sparkling with vivid ripples.
  • Interact with Creatures: Creatures in the Minecraft world have been improved with more natural movements, creating a closer and more lively when players interact with them.
  • Beautiful natural scenery: The version allows players to participate in a Minecraft world with lush forests and beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Increased realism: Blocks and entities come to life with animations and small details, increasing the realism of the Minecraft world.


Pros and cons of Panda's Extra Details


  • Create new experiences: Versions can bring new, exciting and unique experiences to Minecraft players, making the game even more exciting.
  • Increased interactivity: Adding animations and small details can increase interactivity in the Minecraft world, making the world more alive and interesting.
  • Motivated to come back: Versions can motivate players to come back and explore the world for a long time, thanks to the variety and attractiveness of new features.


  • Potential conflict: Some versions can cause conflicts with each other or with the original version of the game, leading to instability or crash of the game.
  • Weaker performance: Adding animations and details can require more machine resources, resulting in weaker performance on low-end phones.
  • Asynchronous updates: Some versions may not update in sync with the new version of Minecraft or with other versions, resulting in unusability when the game version changes.
  • Security Issues: Versioning can open the door to security issues or doubts about the origin of the version, especially if the player is not well aware of the source and nature of the version.



In conclusion, the "Panda's Extra Details" version for Minecraft promises to bring a new and unique experience to players. By adding animation and small details to the blocks and entities in the game, this version has the ability to create a more vivid Minecraft world, with a sense of magic and enchantment.

However, as with any version, it should be noted that opportunities and challenges come along. Players should consider carefully before installing and using this version, to ensure compatibility with Minecraft version and other versions. Attention should also be given to performance, security, and update issues.

If you are a Minecraft lover and want to experience new vibrancy and magic, "Panda's Extra Details" could be an interesting choice. However, do your research and test before installing the version to ensure a pleasant experience, safe and compatible with your version of the game.

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