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ChocoCraft is a place where players can enjoy building buildings, training chocolate Pokémon, and exploring a colorful and creative world.

Information of ChocoCraft

Name ChocoCraft
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.16.5
Size 421 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer clienthax
Price Free

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About ChocoCraft game:

ChocoCraft is an action and virtual world building video game, developed by a small team of independent developers. In this game, players will be entered into a world filled with chocolate, where they can explore, play, and build with cute Pokémon created from chocolate.

The main goal of ChocoCraft is to build an exciting and creative chocolate virtual world. Players can create colorful buildings, gardens, houses and parks using chocolate blocks and other resources. They can also plant trees, raise pets, and participate in various activities such as hunting Pokémon, going on adventures, and challenging other characters in the game.

A special feature of ChocoCraft is the design of Pokémon based on different types of chocolate. They have a unique and lovely appearance, with a variety of colors and shapes. Players can capture, train, and care for them, and use them to participate in matches and in-game challenges.

ChocoCraft has a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for players to control and enjoy the game. In addition, the game also has multiplayer features, allowing players to connect and interact with each other in the virtual world. They can exchange resources, visit each other, and participate in joint activities.

ChocoCraft offers players a unique and engaging entertainment experience in a wonderful chocolate world. From building and caring for pets to challenging and socializing with the community, this game offers players a wide range of possibilities for creativity and inspiration.

ChocoCraft game features:

  • Build and build: Players can build and craft their own chocolate world. They can create buildings, houses, gardens and parks using chocolate blocks and other in-game resources.
  • Pokémon Training: ChocoCraft allows players to capture, train and care for adorable Pokémon created from chocolate. Players can build a strong squad and take part in various matches and challenges.
  • Explore and Adventure: In ChocoCraft, players can explore diverse and exciting lands, from chocolate forests to chocolate deserts and tropical islands. They can go on adventures, search for treasures and uncover mysteries in the game world.
  • Crafting and growing plants: Players can craft tools and items from materials available in the game. They can also plant and harvest different types of chocolate trees for use in construction and pet care.
  • Multiplayer: ChocoCraft supports multiplayer mode, allowing players to connect and interact with each other in the virtual world. They can visit each other, communicate, exchange resources and participate in joint activities.
  • Customization and Creation: The game allows players to customize and create as they wish. They can create their own characters, design and build unique structures, and express their creativity in the chocolate world.


Pros and cons of ChocoCraft game:

Pros of ChocoCraft game:

  • Unique World: ChocoCraft offers a unique and fascinating virtual world of chocolate. Beautiful graphic design and bright colors make for a fun and engaging game environment.
  • Creativity and Construction: The game allows players to be creative and build structures, houses and gardens to their liking. This promotes the creativity and design ability of the players.
  • Adorable Pokémon: ChocoCraft features Pokémon created from chocolate, with adorable and unique looks. Players can capture, train and care for them, making for a fun interactive experience.
  • Crafting and Planting: The crafting and growing feature in ChocoCraft allows players to enjoy the process of creating and tending to in-game resources.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game supports multiplayer mode, allowing players to connect and interact with each other. This creates an active and exciting game community.


Cons of ChocoCraft game:

  • Content Restrictions: As an indie game developed by a small team, ChocoCraft may have limited content compared to larger games and have more development resources.
  • Repetition: As in many building and adventure games, ChocoCraft can become repetitive after a long playthrough. The lack of variety and frequent updates can reduce player excitement.
  • Lack of challenge: The game may not meet the needs of players who want to experience higher challenges and difficulties. Lack of challenge can reduce the appeal and attractiveness of the game.
  • Technical Issues: As a small indie game, ChocoCraft may experience some technical issues such as crashes, random shutdowns or difficulties in optimizing performance on some platforms.


ChocoCraft game offers a unique and attractive virtual world with beautiful chocolate design and bright colors. The creation and construction feature allows players to create buildings and gardens to their liking. Adorable chocolate Pokémon are the highlight of the game, and the crafting and growing features create interaction and exploration in the chocolate world. Multiplayer mode provides the opportunity to interact with the game community.

However, ChocoCraft also has some disadvantages such as content limitations, repetition and lack of challenge. Technical problems can also arise due to independent development and resource limitations.

However, the final evaluation of ChocoCraft depends on the preferences and expectations of each player. With its unique chocolate world and creativity, this game can be worth exploring and enjoying for those who love unique virtual environments.

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