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Download the Minecraft Naruto Jedy addon and become a true shinobi! You can install Naruto Jedy MODs to use Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan and defeat the bijuus.

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Information of Naruto Jedy Addon

Name Naruto Jedy Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v8
Size 60.0 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Naruto Jedy
Price Free

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If you love Minecraft then you will certainly love the Naruto Jedy Crystal Addon for Minecraft. Made specifically for the famous anime series fans, the Minecraft Naruto Jedy addon download gives you the full experience of being a ninja and fighting jinchuurikis along with their tailed beasts and other shinobis.

You can install Naruto Jedy MODs Minecraft to gain the ability to use visual prowess’s such as Mangekyo Sharingan, Hyuga clan’s Byakugan, and Rinnegan. You don’t have to worry about the device you are using, if you are on computer, you can get Naruto Jedy download for PC or install Naruto Jedy Minecraft iOS for your apple devices. Either way, when you get the download, you have full freedom to play as a Jinchuuriki and summon your own tailed beast to fight for you. On the other hand, you can also play as a Uchiha clan survivor and use Susanoo to crush the enemies.


Naruto Jedy Mods are tailored to perfection. The addon is completely innovative and offers beautiful high-definition graphics. Moreover, the latest update offers a brand-new HUD system that includes crucial Naruto elements such as health, Chakra, substitution jutsus, NIVEL and SPINS.

Your install of Naruto Jedy MODs Pocket Edition will let you have full access to the survival mode. All that is required from you is to understand the gameplay mechanics. That is only because the HUD and mechanics are different from your traditional Minecraft gameplay.

Furthermore, the Naruto Jedy MODs for Minecraft lets you access four new Genkais and these are Nara, Bakuton, Akimichi, Curse Mark. You will also be able to use the famous jutsus, such as rasengan, tailed beast rasengan, Chidori, rasenshuriken, wave of truth, ametrasu, gale palm, lightning snake, chibaku tensei, and flaming wave.

To sum up, this MOD is loaded with bypassed modes, new outfits and weapons that give you the proper shinobi experience that you can imagine.

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