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Minecraft PE you will discover an endless pixel adventure world, Death Screen customizations, unique hot air balloons, and many other exciting enhancements.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 206 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Introducing Minecraft PE

In the world of Minecraft PE, a colorful and magical adventure is waiting for you to explore. Known as a fascinating pixel adventure game, Minecraft PE has quickly captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. With the open world and absolute freedom, this game gives you the experience beyond imagination and limitless.

Start your adventure alone or with close friends. Under the vast sky and endless land, you have the ability to explore completely randomly generated worlds, each time you step in is a new and unique journey. Set foot in peaceful villages with no inhabitants, you can change and interact with your surroundings, from crafting unique scum blocks to creating armor like no other.

Version of Minecraft PE offers promising updates. You have the ability to customize parts of the Screen of Death through code, creating more personalized experiences than ever before. With that, you can combine hot air balloons with camels or sniffers, opening up new possibilities never before seen in the world of Minecraft.

This new version also comes with bug fixes and fixes, making your gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable. From improving the sound of water entering and exiting to fixing block display bugs, the developers listened to the community's input and strived to provide the best player experience.

Let's start your unique adventure journey in the world of Minecraft PE Explore, build and conquer, all at your fingertips.

Features of Minecraft PE

  • Customize the Dead Screen: You have the ability to modify parts of the Dead Screen through code, allowing you to create a more personal and unique experience when you lose.
  • Balloons and Camel/Sniffer Binding: A new experience with a camel-tethered or sniffer hot air balloon, opening the door to exploring the world from a new and exciting perspective.
  • New Error Messages: This update added three new error messages when disconnecting, helping players better understand the health of their network and connection.
  • Improved Water In and Out Sound: The sound of entering and exiting the water has been improved, creating a more immersive acoustic environment as you dive deeper into the underwater world.
  • Block Rendering Fixes: Block rendering issues have been fixed, making the world building and rendering experience smoother.
  • Improved Tension Sensor: The tension sensor no longer causes lag, allowing you to interact more smoothly and accurately in-game.
  • Concrete Powder Color Correction: The problem related to the color of concrete powder in the imported world has been fixed, ensuring consistency in design and construction.
  • Improved Camera Commands: Camera commands work more precisely, helping you create unique works of art and share moments.
  • Keep Player Names When Crouching: Player names don't disappear when crouching, making it easy for you to recognize and communicate with each other in the virtual world.
  • Interaction with Burning Creatures: Burning Drowned, Corpse, Zombie, and Zombie-villager will burn creatures upon attack, creating additional visual and realistic effects.
  • Improving Dolphins with Balloons: Dolphins have been enhanced with balloons, creating a fun new way to interact in the undersea world.
  • Improved Appearance and Pixel Ratio: The game interface has been improved, and the pixel ratio has been adjusted to ensure a smoother and sharper visual experience.
  • Dead Screen Button Fix: Issues related to dead screen buttons have been fixed, making it easier to take actions after a loss.


Pros and cons of Minecraft PE

Pros of Minecraft PE

  • Open World and Absolute Freedom: Minecraft PE continues to maintain the element of open world and absolute freedom, allowing players to explore, build and create at will.
  • Single or Multiplayer Playability: Players can enjoy the adventure alone or connect with friends to explore and build a shared world.
  • Positive Updates and Diversity: Version brings many new features and improvements, along with bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Random World Exploration: The fact that the worlds in Minecraft PE are randomly generated provides fun and excitement as each start is a whole new adventure.
  • Creativity: You have the ability to create and build anything you imagine, from unique constructions to complex machinery systems.
  • Enthusiastic and Talented Community: Minecraft has a huge, talented and creative community, with many players sharing ideas, maps, and resources.


Cons of Minecraft PE

  • Pixel Graphics and Graphics Limitations: Although the pixel graphics style is unique, it may not be to the taste of all players, especially those who prefer high-quality graphics.
  • Depends on Personal Creativity: While there are many quests and goals in the game, Minecraft PE relies heavily on the player's creativity and goals.
  • System Resource Requirements: May require significant system resources to run the game smoothly and enjoy the best experience.
  • Potential Loss of Interest After Long Time: While it's incredibly creative and fun, it's possible to lose interest after a long time playing when you've tested almost every possibility in the Minecraft world.
  • Difficulty Learning and Understanding: At first, Minecraft can be difficult to learn to play and understand all the complex aspects of the game.


In a nutshell, Minecraft PE is a fun and playable version of the famous pixel adventure game. With an open world, players have the opportunity to explore and build the impossible. The ability to play alone or with friends to explore, create and adventure is what makes this game unique. This version brings a lot of improvements and new features, from customizing the Death Screen, hot air balloons combined with camels and sniffers, to bug fixes and improvements to various aspects of the game.

Minecraft PE is not only a place for creativity and discovery, but also a vibrant and talented community where players can share ideas and create unique works. Despite certain disadvantages such as pixelated graphics and the possibility of losing interest after a while, Minecraft PE is still a fun and unique gaming experience that players around the world can enjoy enjoy. Get ready to enter the endless world of adventure, creation and discovery of Minecraft PE!

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