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Better End is a great version for Minecraft, bringing a new End with more richness, fun and danger than the original version, helping to enhance the player experience.

Information of Better End

Name Better End
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.19.4
Size 88.43 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Quiqueck
Price Free

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About the game Better End Minecraft

Better End is a version for the game Minecraft, created to improve and refresh the ending of the game. The main goal of this version is to optimize the experience after the player has defeated Ender Dragon and reached the main game ending. The Better End version offers a host of unique and exciting enhancements to the End area, creating a new, engaging, and full of surprises for players to explore.

After the player defeats the Ender Dragon and completes the main part of Minecraft, they will be rewarded with a portal leading to a deeper Ending. However, in the original version of the game, Ending often had a bland design and limited content, not showcasing much of what was interesting. This changed with the arrival of Better End.

Better End creates a new End with more unique, diverse and engaging landscapes. This is done through the addition of new terrains, flowers and unique entities that were not present in the original version. These changes help create a more colorful and gorgeous Ending world, providing a new experience for players.

While the New Ending has become more exciting, it also brings new challenges and dangers. Players need to beware of threats in the improved Ending world, as these new lands may harbor powerful and harsh monsters.

All in all, Better End is a great addition to Minecraft, offering a new Ending with a relative greater richness, fun, and danger than the original version. This version enhances the player experience after completing the main part of the game and discovering a new world full of surprises.

Features of the game Better End

  • Unique Landscapes: Better End offers new and varied landscapes in the End, with new terrains, terrain models, and structures added. Players can explore new lands with bizarre shapes and structures.
  • New Flowers and Entities: Better End introduces new, unique flowers, plants, and entities that weren't available in the original version. This creates a new world with diversification of plants and organisms.
  • New Items: Better End offers new items for players to interact with and use. These items can be used for construction, decoration or even during research.
  • New Monsters and Dangers: Better End is not only about beauty, it also offers new challenges. Players will face more powerful and dangerous monsters in the New End world, making for a more exciting and tense experience.
  • New Structures and Treasures: Better End adds new structures such as temples, caves, or mysterious locations filled with treasures and exciting rewards. This encourages players to explore and discover new worlds.
  • Enhanced Environments: Improved sound, lighting, and feel in the New End, helping players truly immerse themselves in the world in a better way.
  • Customization: Some versions may allow players to customize how Better End works, to suit each person's preferences and playing style.


Pros and cons of Better End


  • New Experience: Better End brings a whole new experience to Minecraft's End, creating unique and exciting environments for players to explore.
  • World Diversification: New landscapes, plants, flowers, and entities create a more diverse Ending world, giving players more options in building and decorating.
  • Increased Challenges: New monsters and dangers in Endings increase the challenge for players, presenting new challenges in survival and combat.
  • Better Environment: Better End improves the sound, lighting, and feel in End, making the world more alive and interactive.
  • New Treasures and Structures: New treasures and structures add excitement to exploration, helping players find and uncover mysteries.


  • Potential conflicts with other versions: Some other versions may be incompatible or conflict with Better End, leading to glitchy or buggy performance issues.
  • Need system resources: By adding many new elements to the game, Better End may require more system resources, increasing the requirements of computer performance.
  • Original Changes: Some players may not want to make too many changes to the End world, and this version may make unwanted changes to them.
  • Version dependent: Better End may need to be updated for each version of Minecraft, which can cause inconvenience if players want to play the game on an incompatible version.
  • Danger warning: Despite improvements, the new Ending environment still presents major threats, presents challenges for players, and may not be suitable for all types of players.



The game "Better End" Minecraft is a unique and exciting version that aims to improve and refresh the End of the game world. With the goal of creating a fresh and engaging experience after players have completed the main part of Minecraft, this version offers unique landscapes, new flowers and entities, unique items, and increased challenges. High. This helps open a new door of discovery for players and brings freshness to the End world.

Although Better End has significant advantages such as diversifying the world, increasing challenges and improving the environment, it is also necessary to carefully consider issues such as conflicts with other versions, resource requirements higher system and the ability to change too much from the original version.

With Better End, players have the opportunity to experience a new, more colorful and stimulating Ending. However, it should be noted that the decision to install this version needs to be based on individual preferences and capabilities of each player.

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