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Cute Mob brings Cute images that not only make Minecraft world more vivid, but also bring a new and exciting feeling when encountering mobs in your adventure.

Information of Cute Mob

Name Cute Mob
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.12.2-1.11.2
Size 394 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Brandon Taylor
Price Free

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About the game Cute Mob

Cute Mob is a popular version of the game Minecraft, bringing a new and lovely experience to the familiar Minecraft world. This version is designed to completely change the models of the creatures (mobs) in the game, turning them into cute and unique anime girls.

When installing Cute Mob, players will notice an amazing change in the image of familiar creatures such as zombies, creepers, ghasts and many others. These cute images not only bring the Minecraft world to life, but also bring a new and exciting feeling when encountering mobs in your adventure.

One highlight of Cute Mob is its versatility. This version allows you to customize the size and shape of the hitbox for each mob, creating a unique and richer experience when dealing with them. You can clearly see the difference when facing small and cute mobs or large and loose mobs.

Although Cute Mob is primarily client-side focused, this does not detract from its appeal. With a variety of cute and bright anime creatures, the game will add more color and fun, suitable for those who want to experience a whole new style in Minecraft.

If you want to add uniqueness and appeal to your Minecraft game, Cute Mob is the version not to be missed. Stop and enjoy the adorable adventure with cute anime girls in your Minecraft world!

Features of the game Cute Mob

  • Change the creature model: Cute Mob allows to replace the models of creatures (mobs) in Minecraft with designs inspired by anime. Thanks to that, the mobs become more adorable and unique, bringing new and interesting to the game.
  • Standalone and Custom: Cute Mob is a client-side version, which means that the changes are applied only in your game and do not affect the server or other players. Furthermore, you can customize the hitbox size and shape for each mob, creating unique and fun experiences.
  • Variety of Creatures: Cute Mob is not only limited to changing the model of some common mobs like zombies or creepers, but also offers a variety of creatures like ghasts, slimes, skeletons, and many more. . This offers variety and richness in the experience of meeting new mobs.
  • Compatible with Minecraft version: Cute Mob is available for many versions of Minecraft like 1.12.2 and 1.11.2, this allows multiple players to experience and enjoy the unique feature of the version.
  • Spawn options and damage boxes: Some optional features in the version allow GhastS mobs to spawn and change the mob's damage box, creating changes in the way they interact and harm the player.


Advantages and disadvantages of the game


  • Adorable and fun: The feature of changing the models of the mobs into cute and unique anime girls makes Minecraft game interesting and attractive, especially for anime style lovers.
  • Customization and variety: The hitbox and shape customization options for each mob allow players to enjoy unique and rich experiences when interacting with them.
  • Newness in the experience: Changing the creature model and creating new creatures brings newness to the game, helping players feel eager to explore and fight unique mobs.
  • Compatible and easy to install: Cute Mob is available for many versions of Minecraft and easy to install, helping players quickly experience this new feature.


  • Client-side: This means that the version only works on the player's machine and does not affect other players' servers or games, limiting interactivity and social compatibility.
  • Not suitable for everyone: Cute Mob game has a special anime girl style, so it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who are not interested in this style.
  • Limited function change: Although the version changes the model of the mobs, they keep the same function and way of working of the original mobs, so not much has changed in terms of gameplay.
  • No official support: Cute Mob is not an official part of Minecraft and is not officially supported by Mojang, which may cause compatibility or stability issues during gameplay.
  • In summary, the Cute Mob game offers advantages such as uniqueness, customization and fun, but also disadvantages such as client-side nature and limitations in changing functionality. This makes the game suitable for those who love the anime style and want to enjoy new experiences in the Minecraft world.



The Cute Mob game brings a new and lovely experience to the Minecraft world through changing the models of the creatures into adorable and unique anime girls. With flexibility and hitbox customization, players can enjoy unique and enriching experiences in meeting and fighting new mobs.

The standalone feature of the version means that players can enjoy the game in their own way without affecting other players. However, the weakness is the client side, no official support and limited in changing the functionality of the original mobs.

If you are an anime style lover and want to create a unique and lovely Minecraft world, Cute Mob is a great choice. Enjoy a lovely and bright adventure with anime girls in your very own Minecraft world! However, always consider compatibility and stability when using this version to ensure your gaming experience is a pleasure and without unexpected problems.

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