Minecraft: Quad Bikes 1.16.0 – 1.20.12

Icon Minecraft: Quad Bikes 1.16.0 – 1.20.12
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Minecraft: Quad Bikes introduces diverse and attractive quad bikes with a full range of color variations for you to freely choose and customize the bike as you like.

Information of Minecraft: Quad Bikes

Name Minecraft: Quad Bikes
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.16.0 – 1.20.12
Size 2.38 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mycartz
Price Free

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About Minecraft: Quad Bikes game

Minecraft: Quad Bikes allows players to add four-wheeled vehicles to the game in order to move quickly and explore the world of Minecraft in a more interesting way.

Developed by the gaming community, Minecraft: Quad Bikes offers a new way to navigate the game world with comfort and speed. Players can build four-wheeled vehicles using the materials found in the game and then control them to explore the environment and enjoy the diverse landscape of the Minecraft world.

Features of Minecraft game: Quad Bikes

  • Build & Customize: Minecraft: Quad Bikes allows players to build and customize quad bikes to their liking. You can choose colors, shapes and accessories to personalize your vehicle.
  • Various types of bikes: Minecraft: Quad Bikes offers many different types of bikes with different features such as speed bikes, luggage bikes, off-road bikes...
  • Movement speed: Quad bikes allow players to move faster than walking through the Minecraft world, saving time when moving from one location to another.
  • Easy Controls: Minecraft: Quad Bikes optimizes controls so players can ride easily and have a smooth experience.
  • Explore the World: With the help of quad bikes, players can easily explore new lands, find resources and enjoy the unique landscape of the Minecraft world.
  • Version Compatibility: Quad bikes are often designed to be compatible with multiple versions, allowing players to combine new features and experiences.


Pros and cons of Minecraft: Quad Bikes game


  • Fast Movement: Quad bikes allow players to quickly move around parts of the Minecraft world, saving time and reducing long travel times on foot.
  • Easy Exploration: Four-wheeled vehicles allow players to reach hard-to-reach areas, discover new resources and enjoy the unique landscape of the Minecraft world.
  • Enhanced gameplay: Quad bikes make traveling and exploring the world more fun and new, creating a more diverse gaming experience.
  • Customization and Personalization: this version adds variety and expertise to the game by allowing players to customize and personalize the cars to their own taste.



  • Compatibility and issues: Some versions may experience compatibility issues with different versions of Minecraft or other versions. This can cause crashes and glitches during gameplay.
  • Performance and resources: Using the quad bike version may require system resources and may affect game performance. This may cause lag or slow gameplay.
  • Changes to the original experience: While the quad bike version offers many advantages, it can also replace the original experience of Minecraft and may not be suitable for some players who want the natural experience of the game.
  • Developer dependent: As with other versions, ATVs are developer dependent and future support and updates may not be guaranteed.


Minecraft: Quad Bikes is a fun and exciting extension to Minecraft, helping players experience the game in a new and more diverse way. However, as with any version, players should learn carefully before installing and using this version to ensure compatibility and avoid unexpected problems during gameplay.

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