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Additional Lanterns not only makes the environment in the game more beautiful with new lanterns, but also opens up new possibilities for customization and creativity for players.

Information of Additional Lanterns

Name Additional Lanterns
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.19.4
Size 3.46 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer SuperMartijn642
Price Free

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About Additional Lanterns

Additional Lanterns is a new update to the game Minecraft, versions 1.20.1 and 1.19.4, which has brought a bunch of new and exciting features related to lanterns. This update not only makes the environment in the game more beautiful with new lanterns, but also opens up new possibilities for customization and creativity for players.

Thanks to new features, Additional Lanterns has brought variety and customization in decoration and lighting management in the Minecraft world. Players can create and build unique buildings, use lanterns to create interesting and custom spaces. Linking with Redstone also helps create automated and intelligent systems, opening up new opportunities for in-game creativity.

Features of Additional Lanterns

  • Connect Lanterns to Redstone: This feature allows players to link lanterns to Redstone, a system in Minecraft that allows players to create devices and mechanisms using electrical signals. This allows the player the freedom to turn the lanterns on and off remotely, creating smart and flexible lighting systems.
  • Manually activate and deactivate lanterns: Previously, lanterns in Minecraft worked continuously without being adjusted. But with this update, players can manually activate and deactivate the lantern at will. This creates flexibility in lighting management and saves energy in the game.
  • Lantern Dye: This is a feature that allows players to dye lanterns in any color they like. This helps create lanterns that are unique and match the décor of each player.


Advantages and disadvantages of Additional Lanterns


  • Highly Customizable and Creative: Additional Lanterns gives players the freedom to customize and be creative in decorating Minecraft worlds. The ability to connect to Redstone and manually activate/deactivate lanterns creates smart lighting systems, while the ability to dye lanterns allows players to create unique and colorful constructions.
  • Expanded decorative features: With the new features of Additional Lanterns, players have more ways to create more unique and attractive decorative buildings and spaces. Lanterns that are combined with other systems in the game will help create unique constructions.
  • A change in lighting management: The ability to manually activate and deactivate the lantern allows players to manage the light in a more flexible way. This can help save energy and create interesting lighting effects.


  • Game Complication: While new features make the game richer, it can also make the game more complicated for new players. Understanding and effectively using new features can take time and thorough learning.
  • Energy Consideration: While the ability to manually activate and deactivate the lantern can save energy, it also requires the player to carefully monitor and manage it to avoid power loss. necessary.
  • Compatibility and updates: From time to time, adding new features can cause compatibility issues or unexpected interactions with other components in the game. Updates can also require frequent updates, frustrating players in keeping the game stable.



In total, the Additional Lanterns update for Minecraft has brought a bunch of new and exciting lantern-related features that help make the gaming experience even more varied and customizable. The ability to connect lanterns to Redstone, manually activate/deactivate lanterns, and the ability to dye lanterns have opened up many creative and decorative opportunities for players.

However, along with the excitement of new features, there are also challenges that need to be considered. Game complexity, power management, and compatibility issues can be points for players to consider before taking advantage of these features.

With Additional Lanterns, Minecraft has continued to expand the creative space of players, giving them new and unique experiences in building and customizing their virtual worlds. Testing and exploring these new features will fuel creativity and discovery in the Minecraft community.

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