Spiderman Addon 1.14.0 – 1.20.12

Icon Spiderman Addon 1.14.0 – 1.20.12
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Spiderman Addon takes you on a colorful and exciting adventure where you can become a true hero and take on challenges from the Spider-Man universe.

Information of Spiderman Addon

Name Spiderman Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.14.0 – 1.20.12
Size 5.72 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Brandon Taylor
Price Free

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About the game Spiderman Addon

SpiderMan Addon" for Minecraft PE is an exciting modification that brings the thrilling world of Spider-Man into the popular sandbox game, Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). With this addon, players can immerse themselves in the Spider-Man universe and experience the iconic hero's powers, suits, and villains right in their Minecraft world

With the "SpiderMan Addon," Minecraft PE players can embark on thrilling adventures, swinging through the cityscape, fighting iconic villains, and experiencing the excitement of being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This addon brings a perfect blend of superhero action and Minecraft's creative sandbox gameplay, offering an engaging and immersive experience for fans of both Spider-Man and Minecraft.

Spiderman Addon game features

  • Spider-Man Costume: Adds a variety of Spider-Man costumes inspired by the comic books, movies, video games, and series. Each outfit can provide unique abilities and advantages.
  • Superpowers: Players can use Spider-Man's superpowers such as web shooting, wall climbing, and super strength. These abilities allow players to navigate the Minecraft world in a new way, gliding between buildings and climbing walls like the superhero Spider-Man.
  • Enemies and Characters: The Spider-Man addon introduces familiar enemies from the Spider-Man universe, providing additional challenge and gameplay appeal. Players can engage in engaging battles with famous enemies and also interact with characters from the Spider-Man series.
  • Crafting and Sewing Machine: To create Spider-Man costumes, players need to use a sewing machine. This crafting mechanism makes the game richer, as players must gather resources and create handmade costumes with unique characteristics.
  • Costume Factory: In addition to making costumes, players can also create powerful weapons and Spider-Man tech costumes using the costume factory. This feature helps players customize their gameplay and choose from a variety of outfits and tools.
  • Special Abilities: Some skins can provide special abilities such as push-ups or other unique skills, enhancing the player's diverse gameplay.
  • Anonymous Outfits: The addon introduces anonymous skins with special skills. Players can use the green outfit to become invisible when crouching, the blue outfit to breathe underwater, and the red outfit to resist fire, adding a tactical element. in their adventure.
  • Overall, with the "SpiderMan Addon Minecraft PE" addon, Minecraft PE players can go on exciting adventures, navigate the city, battle famous enemies and experience the thrill of being Become the superhero Spider-Man. This addon offers the perfect combination of superhero action and Minecraft's innovative gameplay, creating an immersive and engaging experience for fans of both Spider-Man and Minecraft.


Pros and cons of the game Spiderman Addon


  • Variety of Costumes and Abilities: The addon offers a variety of Spider-Man costumes and abilities, creating a varied and enjoyable experience for the player. Owning special skins can help players freely develop their own tactics and playing style.
  • Unique Superpowers and Moves: Spider-Man's superpowers such as web shooting, wall climbing, and long jumps provide a new and exciting way to move around in the Minecraft world. Players will have the opportunity to explore the world from a completely different perspective, creating new experiences in the gameplay.
  • Interact with Characters and Enemies: The ability to interact with characters and enemies from the Spider-Man universe adds depth and a sense of realism to the game. This helps to create a Minecraft world rich with interesting stories and quests.



  • Minecraft PE Technology Limits: Minecraft PE has limited features and graphics compared to the PC version of Minecraft. As a result, the addon may be limited in its ability to deliver the full and crisp experience desired.
  • Content Richness: While the addon has cool features, content richness can become an issue. If the number of outfits, superpowers, enemies, and quests is limited, players can quickly become bored after a while.
  • Compatibility and Maintenance: Minecraft addons and mods may experience compatibility and maintenance issues when the Minecraft version is updated. This can lead to the addon becoming inactive or causing bugs to play, requiring the developer to constantly update it.


The game "SpiderMan Addon Minecraft PE" is an interesting combination between the Minecraft world and the Spider-Man universe, giving players new and fascinating experiences. With a variety of costumes, super powers, and unique mobility, players can freely experience the feeling of becoming a superhero Spider-Man in the Minecraft world.

The addon offers a wide range of exciting features, from crafting and customizing outfits with a sewing machine to taking on famous enemies and interacting with familiar characters. The anonymous skins also help add a tactical element to the player's adventure.

However, the game also has potential downsides, including the technological and graphical limitations of the Minecraft PE version, the richness of the content, and compatibility and maintenance issues when the Minecraft version is released. updated.

Overall, "SpiderMan Addon Minecraft PE" is a fascinating addon for players who love Spider-Man and Minecraft, taking them on a colorful and exciting adventure where they can become true heroes.

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