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Companion offers a remarkable improvement, creating a memorable and engaging gaming experience between players and pets in the adventure in the fascinating world of Minecraft.

Information of Companion

Name Companion
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1- 1.19.3
Size 37.2 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Snownee_
Price Free

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Companion game introduction

Minecraft Companion is an expansion pack for the game Minecraft. This expansion has been developed to improve and optimize the companion system in the game, while adding new features that enhance interactions with the player's pets and companions.

Thanks to improvements and new features, Minecraft Companion focuses on improving the gaming experience related to pets and companions. It helps to solve pet management problems, while enhancing interaction and bonding between players and pets in adventures and battles in the Minecraft world.

Companion features

  • Enhanced pet management: Pets in Minecraft Companion become smarter. They will pay attention to their own health bar and immediately move back to the player when health is below 20%. This helps to avoid the pet getting lost and being separated from the owner while playing the game.
  • The ability to bring pets through the gate: The lease feature allows the player to bring their pet through the portal easily. Previously, when the player passed through the portal, the pet couldn't keep up and was often left behind.
  • Non-Attack Behavior: When the pet's health is below 20%, the companion will not attack any enemies. This helps protect pets from self-injury and keeps them safe in times of ill health.
  • Shoulder Parrot: The feature allows the parrot to sit on the player's shoulder, adding personalization and fun in decorating and expressing themselves in the game.


Pros and cons of Companion


  • Enhanced companion experience: Minecraft Companion improves the in-game companion experience by making pets smarter and easier to manage. This creates a positive interaction between the player and the pet, making the pet a trusted companion in the adventure.
  • The ability to bring pets through the portal: The lease feature allows players to bring pets when going through the gate, solving the problem of lost pets when moving to new locations.
  • Personalization with parrots on the shoulder: In addition to the parrot on the shoulder, Minecraft Companion gives players more opportunities to customize the character and create their own style in the game.


  • Limited new features: Based on documentation, only some features are introduced in Minecraft Companion version. The introduction of new features can make the game more attractive and attract players for a long time.
  • Limited flexibility: Based on available information, the flexibility to customize or adjust Minecraft Companion features is not known. The lack of options can limit the game's ability to adapt to the specific preferences and needs of each player.
  • Positive and negative testing required: With new features, careful testing and evaluation will be required to ensure that they do not create bugs or negatively impact the gaming experience and game performance.



Minecraft Companion is an expansion pack for the game Minecraft, designed to improve and optimize the in-game companion system. Companion's new feature focuses on enhancing interaction and pet management, while solving some of the problems encountered when playing games.

The advantages of Minecraft Companion include enhancing the companion experience, making pets smarter and easier to manage, and solving the problem of pets getting lost on the go. In addition, the parrot on the shoulder feature helps to add individuality and uniqueness to the game.

However, the game has some disadvantages such as limited new features, limited flexibility in customization, and needs positive and negative checks to ensure stability and quality of experience.

In the future, developing and improving new features for Minecraft Companion can help enhance the appeal and diversify the gaming experience, attracting long-term players. This will require feedback and contributions from the player community to develop an increasingly complete and interesting Companion version.

In a nutshell, Minecraft Companion brings a remarkable improvement to the companion system in Minecraft, helping to create a memorable and engaging gaming experience between the player and the pet in the adventure in the fascinating world of Minecraft.

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