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BlazeGear Minecraft is a version that incorporates the Blaze flame power into the game, providing a deeper layer and creative opportunity for players to explore and exploit.

Information of BlazeGear

Name BlazeGear
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.19.4
Size 77.4 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer f1ashfyre
Price Free

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Introducing BlazeGear

BlazeGear Minecraft is a version created to expand the gaming experience in the Minecraft world by including Blaze flame related features. This version is available for game version 1.20.1 and 1.19.4.

BlazeGear Minecraft is an exciting version for Minecraft, introducing unique features and expanding the player's world. By incorporating the power of Blaze flames into the gaming experience, this release offers a deeper layer and creative opportunity for players to explore and exploit.

Features of BlazeGear

BlazeGear armor set:

  • Unique armor set associated with Blaze flames in the Minecraft world.
  • Provides traditional protection and flame-related functionality.
  • May include flaming arms, which produce smoke particles and protect from damage from "hot floors" and "burning".

Brimsteel tools:

  • The tools, created from Brimsteel, are unique and powerful.
  • This tool has the ability to burn the target for a short period of time, contributing to dealing significant damage.
  • Mining combustible blocks faster than conventional tools.
  • Automatically melt mined blocks into the corresponding "melting xp", increasing the player's experience accumulation.

Fire Aspect Integration:

  • The Brimsteel tool is improved by integrating the "Fire Aspect" ability.
  • Each level of Fire Aspect adds burn damage to the Brimsteel tool's active time.

Flight and protection:

  • The BlazeGear armor set provides the ability to fly, creating flaming arms that help the player move through the air.
  • This suit of armor protects against damage from "hot floors" and "fires", making it easier to move in hot burning environments.


Technical features:

  • Brimsteel tools are designed to melt the block drops they break, not the block itself.
  • When combined with Silk Touch, the tool works as it should.

Pros and cons of BlazeGear


  • A fresh experience: BlazeGear Minecraft offers a host of unique and new features that expand the gaming experience in the Minecraft world and create new creative opportunities.
  • Built-in Burning: The Brimsteel Engine integrates the ability to burn targets, create extra damage, and be tactical in fighting enemies or mining resources.
  • Flight and Protection: The BlazeGear armor set provides flight and protection from damage from hot environments, giving the player the freedom to move and explore.
  • Integrating Fire Aspect: Integrating the Fire Aspect ability into the Brimsteel engine is a fun way to increase player power and damage.
  • Diversity: BlazeGear Minecraft offers variety in the use of tools and armor, helping players adapt to different situations and environments.


  • Balance Changes: Some might argue that the new features could alter the balance of the game, making resource mining and combat too easy or too complicated.
  • Version dependent: BlazeGear Minecraft requires this version to work, which can be frustrating if players want to experience this feature without wanting to install the version.
  • Change the original experience: Some players like the original experience and don't want to change it too much by adding extra features.
  • Possibility of Story Disruption: If BlazeGear Minecraft changes a game's story-related mechanics or features, this could disrupt or lose the player's connection to the original storyline.



BlazeGear Minecraft is an exciting and potential version that brings new and unique experiences to the Minecraft world. The BlazeGear armor and toolkit feature, along with the burning and flying abilities, opens up new opportunities for creativity and adventure for players.

The advantages of the version include creativity in gameplay, integration of burning and flying features, creating a more diverse game environment. The integration of Fire Aspect also adds depth to the combat experience.

However, versions also have disadvantages such as balance and version-dependent changes, which can affect the original experience of the game and create annoyance for players who want to experience this feature without. want to install version.

All in all, BlazeGear Minecraft is an exciting addition to the Minecraft world, opening up opportunities for players to explore and experience differently, although with careful consideration of weaknesses that could affect the experience. general gaming experience.

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