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Kaguya Player APK is a unique fantasy simulation game, featuring beautiful anime graphics and adult content, creating a stimulating entertainment experience for adult players.

Information of Kaguya Player

Name Kaguya Player
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3.0
Size 103 MB
Category Game
Price Free

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Introducing Kaguya Player APK

Kaguya Player APK is an extremely interesting and sexy fantasy simulation game, with origins from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Specially designed for adult players, this game offers a unique and stimulating experience where you will be immersed in the world of Princess Kaguya, a mysterious alien character. .

One of the first highlights of Kaguya Player APK is the beautiful 2D graphics and beautiful anime characters. Every time you open the game, you will be fascinated by the charm and beauty of the two main characters, creating an appearance just like in famous anime series. Beautiful, smooth and attractive images will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

Kaguya Player APK is not just a regular game but also an adventure full of fun. Players will be free to choose their actions, not bound by fixed goals or tasks. You can do whatever you want and whatever you like, creating a unique and fun experience.

The game also beats players with challenging and stimulating levels. With hidden items and formidable bosses, you'll feel a thrill as you navigate through unique levels, with exciting music and sound effects to accompany you.

Furthermore, Kaguya Player APK is not simply a game but also an interactive and engaging experience. You have the opportunity to explore and experience many different adventures in the game, creating variety and excitement.

This game is also regularly updated with lots of new content and features, always offering something new to explore and discover. Besides the main adventure, Kaguya Player APK also has many entertaining mini-games and challenges, along with the opportunity to earn exciting rewards and prizes.


Features of Kaguya Player APK

  • 2D Graphics and Anime Characters: Kaguya Player APK has stunning 2D graphics and beautiful anime characters, creating an appearance just like in famous anime series. Beautiful and smooth visuals enhance the charm of the game.
  • Free Play: In Kaguya Player, you are not bound by fixed goals or missions. You have the freedom to choose the actions and activities you want to perform, creating an enjoyable playing experience.
  • Challenging Levels: The game includes many challenging levels with difficult obstacles and formidable bosses. The player must use different strategies to pass each level.
  • Interaction and Adventure: Kaguya Player's gameplay is interactive and engaging, allowing you to explore and experience various adventures in the game.
  • New Content Updates: The game is regularly updated with new content and features, keeping the game always having something new to explore and discover.
  • NSFW Content: Kaguya Player APK contains adult content and action, so intended for mature players (18+) only.
  • Mini-Games and Challenges: In addition to the main adventure, the game also has many entertaining mini-games and challenges, providing opportunities to earn rewards and prizes.
  • Update System: Kaguya Player APK has an update system to ensure the game stays fresh and exciting with many new features and content.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kaguya Player APK


  • 2D graphics and anime characters: Kaguya Player's biggest strengths are its beautiful graphics and charming anime characters. It creates an impressive visual experience for players.
  • Free gameplay: The game is not tied to any specific goals or missions, allowing players the freedom to take actions as they wish.
  • Challenging Levels: The challenging nature of game levels can make the playing experience more engaging and stimulating.
  • Interaction and adventure: The ability to interact and explore various adventures creates variety in the game.
  • Update new content: Regular updates help the game always have something new to explore and keep players interested.



  • NSFW Content: Kaguya Player contains a lot of adult content, which makes it intended for mature players only and may be dissatisfying for some players.
  • Age classification: Age restrictions can exclude many players, especially younger ones.
  • Lack of fixed goals or missions: While free-flowing gameplay can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage if players feel there is a lack of guidance or specific goals.
  • Content Restrictions: With a focus on adult and sexy content, Kaguya Player may not be suitable for players looking for a traditional gaming experience.
  • Not suitable for everyone: This game is not suitable for everyone and requires caution when choosing to participate.


Kaguya Player APK is a unique and sexy fantasy simulation game, specially designed for adult players. With beautiful 2D graphics, charming anime characters and free-flowing gameplay, the game offers a diverse and stimulating entertainment experience. Challenging and interactive levels add variety to the game, and regular updates help maintain player interest.

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