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Download Shiro no Yakata APK is an adventure game by Kairosoft for Android. When playing the game you will discover the castle full of mysteries, become an adventurer to decipher the horror stories in the castle!

Information of Shiro no Yakata

Name Shiro no Yakata
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.8
Size 632 MB
Category Game
Developer Shiro
Price Free

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We present you Shiro no Yakata apk

Shiro no Yakata apk is a free mobile game developed by Grand Cru. You will play as a samurai in the game and you will fight against different creatures in legendary Japan. The game has multiple difficulty levels and each level can be completed in different ways depending on your playstyle. The game also includes a variety of weapons, armor and other items that can be obtained through in-game purchases. For players who want to gain an edge over their opponents.

How to play Shiro no Yakata apk

Shiro no Yakata is an adventure game by Kairosoft featuring a haunted castle. Players are tasked with entering the mysterious castle and exploring its many rooms as they try to uncover its secrets. The game itself consists of two main modes - Adventure and Exploration. In adventure mode, the player then goes to the Rainy Mansion, where they challenge our hero in the guise of a pink monster who wants a snack! It won't go well if you're trying to use it for fun, so brace yourself (and maybe a sharp sword) and start the task at hand. With fast-paced action and suspense in every corner, Shiro no Yakata will keep you guessing until the end!


Game sound

The game is accompanied by a disturbing and intriguing soundtrack that will give you goosebumps. The sound of creaking doors and the sound of horses' hooves add to the eerie atmosphere, making Shiro no Yakata an exciting adventure like no other!

Features of Shiro no Yakata apk

  • Real time thrill game
  • Challenging tasks that require quick wits and courage
  • Fight monsters with special stamps and baits
  • Explore the haunted house full of secrets and creatures
  • Experience supernatural thrills with a single tap!


Step into the fascinating world of Shiro no Yakata, a mobile game that takes you on an exotic adventure. You'll be tasked with navigating terrifying rooms full of monsters and secrets waiting to be discovered - push your wits and courage to the limits! Fighting them won't be easy, as the creatures lurk on every nook and cranny. But fear not: all is not over, as this mysterious quest offers them a special scope to exploit their vulnerabilities; Using the liquid as bait has proven its effectiveness over and over again! So, if you're ready for some supernatural thrills... you're just a click away!


Shiro no Yakata APK is an exciting horror adventure that will take you to a haunted house full of secrets and creatures! Explore strange rooms, fend off scaly monsters and special traps, and unravel the mysteries inside. With Shiro no Yakata APK, you will be able to experience this excitement of supernatural exploration with one click.


Survive or not, Shiro no Yakata is a thrilling experience from start to finish. This epic game will captivate you with its vivid graphics and touching story as you destroy hordes of monsters. So if you are ready for an adventure, download now and join the challenge! You never know what surprises await you in the deep darkness of Shiro no Yakata. Success!

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