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Download Hell After School APK is a fighting game with 2D graphics for Android. Playing the game you play as a strong girl fighting to destroy ferocious monsters.

Information of Hell After School

Name Hell After School
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 63 MB
Category Game
Developer ST Hot Dog King
Price Free

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Introduction to Hell After School Mobile game

Hell After School is an adventure and horror video game developed and published by a small team of independent developers. The game revolves around the adventures of the main character in a mysterious school located in the underworld. With a shady school space and masked crime, Hell After School creates a dark and scary atmosphere.

In the game, players will take on the role of a new transfer student to this mysterious school. They will explore dark rooms, investigate horrifying secrets and fight against evil creatures and bloodsuckers. Players need to find puzzle pieces and evidence to solve puzzles and reach the end of the game.

Hell After School gives players a unique experience, combining elements of adventure and horror. The game features beautiful graphics, dramatic sounds, and a tense and engaging story. Players will face difficult decisions and must deal with dangerous situations to survive and find out the truth behind this haunted school.

In a nutshell, Hell After School is an engaging adventure horror game where players will have to fight demons, solve puzzles, and explore inside the dark school. It offers a scary and tense experience, promising to bring players into a world of horror and intrigue.

Features of the game Hell After School APK

Hell After School has many fun features to create a unique horror and adventure experience. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Horror School Environment: Hell After School puts players in a dark and haunted school. The dark rooms, gloomy hallways and hidden areas of the school create an atmosphere of horror and fear.
  • Adventure and discovery: Players will explore different environments in the school, from abandoned classrooms to secret areas. They will search for puzzle pieces, items, and evidence to solve puzzles and progress further in the game.
  • Fight the Devil: Hell After School requires players to battle demonic creatures and bloodsuckers during exploration. Players will use weapons and skills to deal with threats and defend themselves.
  • Tense Story: The game has an engaging and tense story, with pieces of the story being revealed gradually. Players will learn about the evil nature of the school and the dark secrets behind it.
  • Decisions and Consequences: Hell After School makes difficult decisions for players, and their choices can affect the plot and outcome of the game. Players will face scary situations and make quick decisions to survive.
  • Unique graphics and sound: The game is designed with beautiful graphics and dramatic sound effects, creating a horror and attractive environment.


How to play, gameplay and game tips Hell After School APK

Hell After School gameplay, gameplay and tips will help you enjoy the game and make better progress. Here are some guidelines and tips to get you started:

  • Environmental Exploration: In Hell After School, environmental exploration is very important. Search secret rooms and areas and read notes or find important objects. This helps you gather information, piece together the story, and find solutions to puzzles.
  • Use items wisely: The game provides you with various items such as weapons, keys and other useful items. Use them wisely to overcome challenges and defeat enemies. Sometimes, combining or using the right items will save you time and energy.
  • Fight Smart: When faced with demons and other creatures, fight smart. Identify the enemy's weaknesses and find ways to capitalize on them. Use skills and weapons effectively to destroy them. Be careful and be very sensitive to your surroundings, avoid being attacked by surprise.
  • Resource Management: During the game, manage your resources carefully. Check your luggage carefully and make sure you always have the necessary items such as a flashlight, a map or a spare bench. If your resources are exhausted, look for them in the environment or from other characters.
  • Read notes and pay attention to quizzes: Hell After School is full of puzzles and mysteries. Carefully read the notes and information you find to find the answer. Sometimes the answer will be hidden in hints or other documents.
  • Test and retry: In this game, you will probably encounter many challenges and failures. Don't get discouraged, experiment and try again. Explore, learn and grasp how the game works. By continuing to try, you will have a chance to explore and complete the game.

Remember, Hell After School is a scary and stressful game, so brace yourself and make sure you play in a comfortable and safe environment.


Pros and cons of Hell After School


  • Dark and Horror Environment: The game creates a horror school space, creating a sense of tension and attraction for players. The graphics and sound are well designed, enhancing the horror atmosphere of the game.
  • Exciting Plot: Hell After School has a unique and intense story, with puzzle pieces being revealed gradually. The intriguing and mysterious storyline encourages players to continue to explore and learn.
  • Adventure and discovery: The game encourages the player to explore the environment, find puzzle pieces and solve puzzles. This creates an exciting and varied adventure experience.


  • High difficulty and tension: The game may be too difficult for some players, especially those unfamiliar with horror games or requiring combat skills. This may detract from the enjoyment and experience of some players.
  • Scary and haunting: Hell After School is designed to create an atmosphere of horror and horror. This can cause fear and obsession for some players, especially those who are sensitive to horror content.
  • Possible lack of variety: Although the game has a compelling story, the environments and situations can become repetitive after a while of playing. This can make the game monotonous and lose its fun.
  • However, the above advantages and disadvantages can be assessed differently by each player, and depending on each person's personal preferences and personal prejudices.


Hell After School is an engaging horror and adventure game that offers players a terrifying and tense experience. With its dark and haunting school environment, exciting story and exploratory nature, this game offers a world full of mystery and adventure.

However, Hell After School also has its downsides, including high difficulty and tension, the potential to cause fear and obsession for some players, and possibly a lack of variety in environments and situations. This may detract from the enjoyment and experience of some players.

In conclusion, if you are a lover of the horror genre and want to experience an intense adventure game, Hell After School can be an interesting choice. However, consider your tolerance and personal preferences before engaging in this game.

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