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Minecars Addon Minecraft PE gives you everything you need to mine ores and do a lot more. Use Minecars Addon Adventure Maps and unlock biomes of valuable ores. 

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Information of Minecars Addon

Name Minecars Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19, 1.18
Size 994 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer RandomKerbal
Price Free

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If you are looking for something much more interesting than the regular Minecraft Cars Addons, this is for you. Minecars Addon Maker lets you add vanilla-styled, fuel-powered machines and trolleys for mining and drilling ores. It adds 12 new vehicles, each having a distinctive function, along with 7 additional wagons to be used for further customization. These new vehicles are called “MineCars”. They are powered by fuel and can move without rails which makes them different from minecarts.

These cool machines you get from the Best Minecars Addon Bedrock serve you for tasks like lighting, drilling, transporting, destroying mobs, constructing railways, and much more. Here is the list of vehicles you get.

  • Default Minecar
  • Illeger Minecar
  • Lantern Minecar
  • Soul Lantern Minecar
  • Chest Minecar
  • Drill Minecar
  • Spike-shovel Minecar
  • Shooter Minecar
  • Rail-placer Minecar
  • Fire Aspect, Infused Star- with 2 upgrades
  • Diamond Boi, Netherite Boi- with 2 upgrades


With the Minecars Addon Texture Pack, you get to enhance the texture and appearance of your machine. You can make your machine look more detailed which gives you the ultimate Minecraft experience. They use cutting-edge coding techniques like chest opening/closing animation, debris falling, tilting animation, scoreboard, cool-down while mining, and more. These fuel-powered Minecars take the game to the next level.

To get more fuel for your Minecar, you need to crouch and interact with a fuel source. There are multiple fuel sources that you can find around the biomes. Coal blocks and lava are the most powerful fuel sources. They last the longest compared to other fuel sources. Other than coal blocks and lava, there are wood blocks and kelp blocks which are moderate. They last longer than coal or blaze powder but less than coal block and lava. Blaze powder has the briefest power duration. Apart from all these amazing features, there are more to make your game incredibly interesting. You can repair your truck using iron ingots, boost your vehicles for 3 seconds by firework rockets, and can pick up more vehicles by punching them while sneaking. You can also accelerate your minecar to its maximum speed which will take about 3 seconds. So, find, drill and mine precious ores, transport, and enjoy! Download Minecars Addon Pocket edition and mine with the coolest equipment available.

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Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


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