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Download College Brawl APK - A fun fighting game that takes place on a college campus. Become a hero and experience a naughty college simulation game.

Information of College Brawl

Name College Brawl
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.4.1
Size 46 MB
Category Game
Developer Supercell
Price Free

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About College Brawl APK

You are on a college campus and your best friend's belongings have been stolen by a group of bullies. Now you have stood up against injustice and stood up against the tyrant gang. You have decided to help your friend get back the things that were stolen from the bullies, and you will have to go through a lot after starting the mission.

The gang you will meet is a group of warriors and they know how to deal with people, so you have to be very careful when starting your mission. You'll need to show off your fighting prowess and also hone your skills regularly to be able to put them in a difficult position. You will also need to upgrade your weapons regularly as it will help you fight more confidently and passionately.

College Brawl APK is an intense and exciting college game about finding items stolen from your friend by passing completely different levels. Where you have to face many challenges like fighting and come up with great strategies to defeat your enemies. The game requires you to use your mind while doing each step because without a proper game plan you will not be able to overcome the gang or the crowd that will get in your way. This is an intense 3D graphics game with great options to explore as well as your gaming experience.

More about the app

It's not like a mindless war. You need to use your mind and make wise decisions to keep moving forward, or you will be overthrown and eliminated. Moreover, resources are limited, use them wisely or you will have nothing. This will make the game more difficult for you as resources are very useful in combat. When you start to win in different levels you will get different rewards for your victory you can use this to fight against enemies and improve your skills as well. as his weapon.

College Brawl is a fun, action-packed fighting game that lets you create a virtual character sitting on a chair in your room. All the excellent features, interfaces, graphics, images and animations will silently steal your heart. There are countless fighting game modes, but College Brawl is far from that in a few ways. Instead, College Brawl takes you into the world of your dreams, creating a Hollywood-style fantasy and making you feel the super action without the cost.

The game also offers casual players a number of bonuses, upgrades, and gyms that help them upgrade and explore the game version. Other fighting games don't give such hints and don't care about their regular users. School life is the most beautiful time in our life and we will remember it forever. College Brawl war game is the best way to recreate our school life in seconds. We can create a familiar situation at school or at any time. Teasing your best friend, punishing your enemies with different weapons and tools is also the most interesting feature of this game.


College Brawl Ios and Android App

In addition, there are many types of sounds, weapons and locations. Choose your favorite outfit while fighting different players. Fight hard to win the game and get rewards, boosts and likes continuously. Communicate well with your favorite players, play in teams, use different weapons to fight different players and destroy your enemies. But unfortunately all the animations and stuff will make you lose the game.

You can also perform different tricks, play tunes, dance and roam around to enjoy your fighting game to the highest level you want. Spin, hit friends, hit enemies, move your arms and hands in 3D space is a very interesting feature of College BrawlAPK.

Forming a team, fighting for a real cause, and creating a story are other options you can explore. Yes, you will create your account with characters of your liking. argue and fight for a real cause; In this way, you will feel a normal life and find your true self in a virtual game.

College Fight APK features

Here are some features of the game.

  • 3D graphics

3D graphics provide users with realistic gaming experience. No game is fun to play without 3D and this game will give you what you expect from a gaming app.

  • Simple Controls

The controls are very simple and easy. Anyone with little knowledge of the game can play it easily. There is nothing that can be a problem for users because everything is very simple.

  • Authentic Characters

The characters are as follows:

Ken, Anko and others. These characters look real and give an authentic look. personalization

Moreover, the game also allows you to customize various settings according to your wishes. You can easily customize arenas and characters. Download the game and show your style and fashion sense. There are many customization options that we think you will love to use.

  • Multiple Arenas

Users can access multiple arenas to play the game. They will have several ring options.

More app features

CollegeBrawl app has unlimited features and is very fun. Here are some key features that I will share with you. So stay tuned and watch the eye-opening installments of this excellent fighting game.


  • Unlimited sites:

You can choose any place you want and desire. Have fun the way you want by choosing the hottest place to start the fight. Don't worry about the results; The only thing to worry about is winning because by winning the game you can access more advanced game features.

  • Create your own real character:

The inherent beauty of this game is that you can create your real character in a 3D and virtual animated world that is more fun and engaging to play and enjoy. Most of us can only imagine movie characters in real life, but Brawl APK will prove your dream come true in seconds.

It's time to live by your rules and desires.

  • Recreate your memories:

Now you are in a position to recreate your beautiful past in a more interesting way. Find your school, identify your friends and enemies, start fighting and have a lot of fun. Run, fight and rest without worries and restrictions. You can also add your real friends to the game by inviting them to the game and this time you can create a stronger and more beautiful memory.

  • Earn rewards:

If you play well and win battles and battles, you will also get many rewards that help you get a good reputation and satisfaction for inviting the application community. Play well, win challenges and win gyms to make your life more magical with access to more apps.

  • Pass different levels:

There are different game levels. You will enjoy continuous progress with more energy, so don't worry about getting bored with the standard gameplay. Instead, with each level of change and improvement, you will learn and experience new and more compelling features of the developer innovation.

  • Waterfall:

In the game you will be able to see beautiful waterfalls, houses, flowers, animations, real life items and more. Amazing animations and graphics will blow you away. 3D people are one of the most valuable in this game.


Make your free time more enjoyable and full of fun with College Brawl APK. The game has a great interface and many options for you to spend your precious time having fun. Since this is a version there are no restrictions on you and the app feature frees you from all the limitations like payment and subscriptions that the original app imposes on you. I am sure that you are ready to seize this great opportunity without wasting a minute. So get the app and install it on your phone; Enjoy life with beautiful fighting game on your phone.

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