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Ntr Legend Game APK for Android is the story of Yuzuki who is in need of money for her upcoming wedding anniversary. And her neighbor looks worried about the garbage in the house.

Information of NTR Legend

Name NTR Legend
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.6.27
Size 445 MB
Category Game
Developer GoldenBoy DEV
Price Free

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About NTR Legend Game

NTR Legend is a mobile simulation game with the main character Yuzuki. Games can be in the adventure genre, life simulation, or a combination of both.

In the game, Yuzuki is a young woman who is preparing to celebrate her upcoming wedding anniversary. However, she felt the need to earn extra money to make this special anniversary. While living in the neighborhood, she discovers a neighbor is living in a dirty and embarrassing environment with garbage around.

Yuzuki, confident in her cleaning abilities, decides to offer to help her neighbor by cleaning the house and surroundings. What she doesn't know, however, is that that neighbor is Kuzuwaka, an unusual person known as the "Catastrophe Family Terminator". He has pushed so many families into destruction and destruction.

But what is Yuzuki's fate when she enters the world of Kuzuwaka who created those disasters? The game may revolve around Yuzuki trying to adapt to the new environment and facing the challenges and dangers created by Kuzuwaka. The player's mission can be to help Yuzuki learn about Kuzuwaka's past, uncover his secrets, and find a way to deal with him to protect his life and family.

Features of the game NTR Legend

Life simulation: The game can provide a life simulation environment, allowing the player to participate in the daily activities of protagonist Yuzuki. This may include managing work, shopping, communicating with other characters, and enjoying leisure activities.

Character Interaction: The game may allow the player to interact with other characters in the game, including the neighbor Kuzuwaka. This interaction can include discussion, cooperation or even conflict with different characters, affecting the environment and the development of the story.

Quests and Puzzles: The game may provide quests and puzzles for the player to solve. This could involve learning about Kuzuwaka's past, uncovering secrets, or facing trials and dangers in the process of protecting Yuzuki and his family's lives.


Story progression: Games can have a rich storyline and evolve over time, depending on the player's actions and decisions. Player choices and actions can affect the development of the story and the final outcome.

Character Development and Customization: The game allows the player to customize and develop the character Yuzuki at will. Players can upgrade skills, collect costumes and items, and even change the appearance of their characters to create a unique look.

How to play NTR Legend APK

Manage the protagonist's life: The player will take on the role of Yuzuki and must manage her daily life. This can include completing quests and chores, managing finances, shopping for supplies, preparing for a wedding anniversary, and interacting with other characters in the game.

Character Interactions and Relationships: Players can interact with other characters in the game, including Kuzuwaka and others in the neighborhood. Depending on the player's choices and actions, relationships with characters can develop in many different directions, from cooperation and support to conflict and confrontation.

Solve puzzles and challenges: The game can provide puzzles and challenges for the player to solve. This may include learning and uncovering secrets, deciphering clues, or dealing with dangerous situations. Players must use intelligence and analytical ability to advance in the game.

Character Development and Skill Upgrading: Players can develop Yuzuki's character by enhancing her skills and abilities. There may be a level system or skill points that the player can use to upgrade Yuzuki's abilities, helping her overcome the more difficult challenges in the game.

Track the story and influence the outcome: Games can have a complex story and development is based on player decisions. Player actions and choices can affect the progression of the story and can lead to a variety of outcomes.


Advantages and disadvantages of NTR Legend


  • Game Diversification: NTR Legend can provide a wide range of activities and features, including life management, character interaction, puzzle solving, and character development. This creates variety and levels of fun for players.
  • Plot and development: If there is a complex story and flexible development, the game can engage the player and create an addictive experience. The ability to influence the story and outcomes also generates positive player engagement and participation.
  • Character Interactions and Relationships: The game can allow the player to build relationships with other characters, creating a social and emotional element. This can promote interaction and provide richness to the game.


  • Technology limitations: If the game is developed for mobile devices or has technological limitations, there may be limitations in terms of graphics, sound effects, or complex features. This can degrade the game experience and limit the ability to create a vivid and realistic world.
  • Lack of breakthrough: If the game is nothing special or does not offer new elements, players may feel bored and lose interest after playing for a while.
  • Difficulty and Balance: A game that is too easy or too difficult may not meet the needs and preferences of the player. The right balance between challenge and progression is critical to creating an enjoyable and disappointing gaming experience.


NTR Legend Ntr Densetsu game can bring a diverse and exciting simulation experience to players. With life management, character interaction, puzzle solving, and character development, players can participate in protagonist Yuzuki's virtual life and make decisions that affect the story. and results.

However, like any game, NTR Legend can also encounter some disadvantages such as technology limitations, lack of breakthrough or imperfect balance. This can affect the gaming experience and the player's enjoyment.

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