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Inventory HUD+ is a reliable and convenient tool for item management and tracking, helping you enjoy your Minecraft journey in a smarter and more enjoyable way than ever before.

Information of Inventory HUD+

Name Inventory HUD+
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.19.4
Size 215 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer dmitrylovin
Price Free

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Introducing Inventory HUD+

Welcome to a more advanced and functional world of Minecraft with Inventory HUD+ - a great addition that offers a whole new and more convenient gaming experience. For those who want to enjoy the convenience of item management, Inventory HUD+ not only makes it easy to keep track of what you're carrying, but also offers flexible customization to adapt to your style. your play.

Let Inventory HUD+ accompany you on your Minecraft journey, helping you manage your items easily and enjoy the game intelligently. Easily customizable and integrated, this version will be your trusted companion in the mystical and creative world of Minecraft.

Features of Inventory HUD+

Display Inventory

  • Display information about your inventory right on the player interface.
  • No need to open a separate screen, you can always keep track of the items you are carrying.

Flexible Display Modes:

  • Can choose between mini or normal display mode.
  • Both landscape and portrait display modes are supported, helping you to utilize the interface space efficiently.

Transparency and Animation

  • Customize background transparency to make item information easy to see and match your style.
  • Integrated animation to make the interface more vivid and interesting.

Custom Configuration

  • Customize the position and display of sections in the HUD interface.
  • Adjust background transparency according to personal preference.
  • Turn animation on or off to meet your needs.

Item Management Utility

  • Makes it easy to manage and track the items you're carrying in your Minecraft adventure.
  • Eliminate time loss when switching to separate inventory screens.


Pros and cons of Inventory HUD+


  • Item Management Utility: Inventory HUD+ offers outstanding convenience in item management and inventory tracking right on the gaming interface, saving you time and increasing efficiency in handling items.
  • Direct integration into the interface: No need to open a separate inventory screen, you can always keep an eye on the inventory and items you are carrying right on the play interface.
  • Flexible customization: Inventory HUD+ allows you to customize the position, transparency, and display of parts of the interface, allowing you to tailor it to your personal taste and playing style.
  • Flexible display modes: The ability to choose between mini and normal display modes, along with landscape/portrait, allows you to customize the look and feel to suit your screen space and requirements.
  • Animation integration: Animation in Inventory HUD+ creates animation and fun, making the interface more attractive.


  • Depends on compatibility: There may be compatibility issues with different versions of Minecraft or with other versions you may have installed. This may cause unexpected problems or interactions.
  • Information Dispersion: Although Inventory HUD+ helps to display item information right on the gaming interface, depending on the sophistication of the settings, the information can become scattered and difficult to see if you do not customize careful.
  • Complicated Features: For new players, complexity and customization can make the initial use of Inventory HUD+ difficult.



Inventory HUD+ is an attractive addition to the Minecraft world, bringing many benefits and exciting features to players. With the ability to display item information and inventory directly on the gaming interface, this version creates an efficient and convenient item management experience. Flexible customization lets you tailor the look and feel to your personal style, making the most of your screen space and playing preferences.

Despite limitations such as compatibility dependence and customization complexity, Inventory HUD+ is still a useful tool for Minecraft players who want to optimize item management and enjoy the game. smart and comfortable way. From the ability to display inventory to the ability to select display modes and customize transparency, this version offers flexibility and smooth integration into the gaming experience.

With Inventory HUD+, you have a reliable and convenient tool for item management and tracking, helping you enjoy your Minecraft journey in a smarter and more enjoyable way than ever before.

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