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Dark Loot focuses on improving the loot aspect and player experience in the Minecraft world, introducing new elements that help create a game similar to RPG titles.

Information of Dark Loot

Name Dark Loot
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.20.1-1.19.4
Size 12.8 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer GamerPotion
Price Free

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Introduction to the game Dark Loot

Dark Loot Minecraft" is a (modified) version for the game Minecraft, designed to bring new and exciting experiences to players.This version focuses on improving the loot aspect and player experience in the world of Minecraft, introducing new elements that help create a game similar to role-playing games (RPGs).

Features of Dark Loot

  • Drop various items: Dark Loot allows creatures in Minecraft to drop more items than the original version. This creates an opportunity to collect a variety of items and resources from killing monsters, increasing the fun and value of combat.
  • RPG Experience: With an increase in drop items and exploration personalities, Dark Loot creates an experience similar to role-playing games. Players will feel like they are participating in combat missions and gathering resources, creating a unique sense of adventure.
  • Item weight system: This version applies a weight system to dropped items. This means that some items will drop more often based on the weight rule, creating variety and fun in collecting items.
  • Customization through configuration: Dark Loot provides a configuration option for players, allowing them to adjust the parameters as they wish. This allows players to customize their gaming experience in the most suitable way.
  • Set items to drop from monsters: Players can configure specific items that monsters can drop. This gives more control over what kind of items the player can collect from killing monsters.


Pros and cons of Dark Loot game


  • A fresh RPG experience: With an enhanced drop-out and an exploration personality, the game offers an RPG-like experience. This creates a new and exciting feeling for players, especially for those who love the feeling of adventure and collection.
  • Customize the experience: Customization via config files allows players to tailor their gaming experience to their liking. This creates flexibility and allows players to adapt the game to their own preferences.
  • Increased loot value: With the feature of dropping more items from monsters, the game provides players with many opportunities to collect and use resources and items. This can increase the fun and value of fighting and exploring in the Minecraft world.


  • Game Balance Change: An increase in item drop can alter the balance of the game. If dropping a lot of items is not carefully considered, the player can become too strong and the game can become too easy.
  • Difficulty Consideration: If the difficulty level of the game is not adjusted thoughtfully, dropping many items can reduce the challenge and difficulty of the game, take away the excitement and player excitement.
  • Chances are too dependent on luck: If the item drop rate is too high or too random, the player may feel lucky and unlucky too much which can affect the gaming experience and the attractiveness of the player. item collection.
  • Suitable for all players: The game may not be suitable for all players. Some people may prefer an RPG-like experience, while others may prefer the original feel of the Minecraft game.



Dark Loot Minecraft is a remarkable release to the game Minecraft that brings exciting improvements to the gaming experience. With enhanced dropouts, customization features, and an RPG-like experience, this release creates an interesting mix of the Minecraft world and elements of the RPG genre.

While there are significant advantages such as creating a fresh feel, providing customizability, and increasing the fun of the loot, potential challenges should be kept in mind. Adjusting the game balance and making sure the difficulty is maintained is important so that players don't feel the game is too easy or lose its appeal.

In short, "Dark Loot Minecraft" has brought a new direction to the Minecraft world, taking players on an adventure full of excitement and discovery. Weighing and understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of this version will help players have a better and more enjoyable experience in their journey in the Minecraft world.

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