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Download Minecraft PE with newly updated features, players will have the opportunity to explore new worlds, experience new features and interact with other players around the world.

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Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
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Minecraft PE - Version

Minecraft PE game version is one of the most loved games in the world. Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft PE is the mobile version of the PC game Minecraft. In this article, we will learn about the game Minecraft PE and its newly updated features.

New equipment

In version, Minecraft PE has updated many new equipment such as helmets, balance shoes, iron doors and more. These new equipment make the game richer and more attractive.

New world

Minecraft PE also updates many new worlds for players to explore. This new world is beautifully designed and full of challenges. If you are an open world lover, then Minecraft PE is a perfect game for you.

Improved graphics

In version, Minecraft PE has improved graphics to make the game look better and more realistic. Colors are enhanced and details are made clearer. This creates a more immersive gaming experience.

Multiplayer game

Minecraft PE allows players to play against each other through an Internet connection. Players can join different servers to play against each other. This creates a fun gaming environment and creates an opportunity to socialize with other players around the world.



Minecraft PE also allows players to customize their game. Players can build and design their own objects, items, and worlds. This makes the game more diverse and attractive.

The developers have released the full version of Minecraft for Android. Archeology, adding fragrance, improving emotions and fixing 55 bugs.



  • It is used to remove questionable sand.
  • Pottery and vases
  • Puzzle pieces can be found all over the world: four different puzzle pieces can be crafted into a clay pot.
  • Tiles can be used instead of flooring: there will be no pattern on the edges of the vase.
  • When breaking the vase by hand, it will fall off on its own, and when breaking with a tool, the pieces will fall.
  • Questionable sand
  • Appears in desert wells and temples.
  • Items can be found using the brush.


  • New crowd in the game world. The important points are:
  • The winners vote for the new Minecraft Live 2022 skin.
  • The first official dinosaur.
  • It cannot be tamed or seduced.
  • Negative and friendly crowd.
  • Look for seeds.
  • Recreate with Torchflower
  • The appearance and basic properties of the fragrance.



  • Fresh land. Featured:
  • Planted in the field
  • Used to rebuild the sniffer
  • It can be obtained as a dye.


  • Functionality has been improved. More details:
  • Usage appears in chat.
  • Improved selection interface.
  • Quick application by hotkey.
  • When creating a new character, four emojis are automatically applied.

Copy equally

  • Introducing 10 changes to Bedrock sync with Java. All taken from test versions.

Fixed error

  • Fixed 55 bugs. All fixes are migrated from the experimental section.

Technical change

  • Added 83 technical changes to accessory development and testing.


In summary, Minecraft PE is a varied and interesting game. With the newly updated features, players will have the opportunity to explore new worlds, experience new features and interact with other players around the world. This makes for a great gaming experience and is worth a try for everyone. If you are a fan of the game Minecraft, download the latest version and experience the amazing new features that Minecraft PE has to offer.

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