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Download Another Girl In The Wall APK is a great escape game developed by Dark Dome. The gameplay is very simple, just point and click to control a girl stuck in the wall.

Information of Another Girl In The Wall

Name Another Girl In The Wall
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.70
Size 28.0 MB
Category Game
Developer Lea John
Price Free
Google Play Link com.anothgri.wallirles

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About Another Girl in The Wall Apk

In the game, two different women are trapped between a wall. You will control a girl trapped inside a wall in a fun and immersive game that you can play on your PC or Android phone. You have many different paths ahead of you and you can conduct your interview with the woman as you see fit. The main objective of this game is to choose from a wide variety of different actions that, when performed on your character, will perform a variety of different tasks.

You can play an interactive game called Another Girl In The Wall APK on your Android device or Windows PC. In the game, you control a girl trapped inside the wall. You will have access to a variety of options, each of which will determine how you communicate with him. In order to have a good time and entertain yourself while playing this game, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of different activities that put your character in various situations.


Early in the novel, we discover that a horrific murder has been committed in a house located in the Hidden City, and the house has been abandoned and locked since the murder. However, people started seeing unusual things inside the house, and some even claimed to see another girl on the wall. Our main character is drawn to the house and decides to go inside.

But as soon as he does this, the door behind him immediately closes. Our first job is to figure out how to get out of the house and open the door... If we try to find a way out of this mansion, we can better understand the mystery surrounding it.

In this room you can find a candle on the dresser to the right of the door. Tap once to take a closer look and tap again to understand. The item "Candles" will be added to the list you created. Now press the drawer handle to open the middle drawer. You can see a picture inside.

Click to enlarge for a better view. We went home to find a stranger who had been in the front yard for the past three hours. Let's take a look at the images provided below and see if there's anything else we can explore.

The Wall Apk another girl's gameplay on iOS and Android

Dark Dome is responsible for the development of the escape game known as Other Girl in the Wall. Another Girl in the Wall application is another game in the series and like the other games in the series, this game takes place in a secret city full of various mysteries. In this review, we will tell you how to solve all the puzzles of the game and how to bring the game to a successful conclusion.

Although some puzzles in each game are different from each other, the way to solve the puzzles is always the same. The secure unlock code for one game might be 1234, while for another it might be 4321. For example, the code for both games can be in parentheses. On the other hand, the numbers hidden behind the code will always be found in the same place and with the same characters.


How to play

You can get a better view by clicking on the umbrella. To get it, simply repeat the previous step and it will be placed in your inventory under the name "Umbrella". Now press the right side of the sleeve onto the sleeve to remove it. You can see a torn piece of paper in the pocket on the lower arm. Tap on it to save your notes.

It is highly recommended that we take a look at the second part of the note. And as soon as we took the ticket out of our pocket, a ghost in a left jacket appeared in front of us and took us away. Now let's look inside the rightmost cell and see what we can find there. Use the arrow on the right to get there. As soon as we walked in, we noticed that the glass was moving on its own. Simply clicking on it will allow you to pick it up and then it will be placed in your inventory as a "cup".


If we click on the cabinet door in the upper right corner, we will see a picture of the inside of the cabinet. Click on the picture for a better look. The stranger seems to be sneaking around the house again under the guise of reading the newspaper. Let's take a look at the images provided below and see if there's anything else we can explore.

Click the right arrow on the keyboard to move to the next field. As soon as we walked in, we saw one of the books on display on the wall shelf move. Click once on the blue book on the left to get a better look, and then click again to get it.

Anime adult game for Android

Look at the book we just bought, click on its cover and then press the right arrow key to open it. Click on the image for a more in-depth view. We see that the stranger has returned and is looking for someone who currently resides in the residence.

Explore the rooms behind closed doors.

Explore different areas of the locked house by using the left and right arrow keys to move around the screen. Go to the room with the vampire image. Tap the flower pot in the lower right corner to interact with it. Please remove the stone from the potted plant.

Proceed until you reach a room with a sofa on the left. Your next target after the brown sofa will be a broken switchboard. Pull the key from the square holder hidden under the damaged key plate. Go to the room with the TV. The cabinet is located to the right of the TV. A square crank key must be used to open the cabinet above the cabinet. Turn the key to open the cabinet, then remove the electrical insulating tape.


Brown sofa

Return to the room with a brown sofa on the left side of the room and a table in the middle of the room. There is a bottle of wine and cheesecake on the table. Use the rock as a weapon to smash the empty bottle. Remove the corkscrew from the round-handled broken bottle. Use the button to pick up the broken bottle.

Now go ahead and enter the room through the door marked with an X. Ring the bell on the locker on your right. You will need to use the circular handle to reach the top drawer. Take the protective electrical gloves out of the drawer. Then we put on gloves and cover our hands with electrical tape. Each will be used over time.

Photo room

Go to the room with the vampire image. Find the bookcase on the left side of the room and grab the smaller gray book that is directly above the bookcase. Examine each page of the gray book. These pages contain hints that can be used to solve all the puzzles in Other Girl in the Wall.

Solve Puzzles

You may have noticed that every room has potted plants of different sizes. These plants are kept in a corner of each space. This plant is an important piece of the puzzle that must be solved before it reaches the small chest in the room where the vampire image is located. There is a locked chest on the table to the left of the entrance.

Note the size of the plants in each pot and the design painted on each of the pots in each area. The wave pattern can be seen in one plane, while the other is marked with curved lines. Additionally, count the amount of leaves on each tree.

If you want to put the correct combination of numbers in the box, open the gray book, find the page with the potted plants in the correct order, and then open the box.

The correct way to enter the combination to open the chest can be shown in the screenshot below. Make sure the bins are in the correct order before entering numbers, then count how many pages are in each bin. The same amount of cards already in the box is the amount that should be added to the box.

Key Features of Another Girl on the Wall Apk Latest Version

  • X-ray.
  • 2 codes.
  • Four different characters, each with a unique hairstyle.
  • There are nine different types of underwear to choose from.
  • You are free to change characters whenever you want without having to restart the game.
  • On Android, you can choose to play games in portrait or landscape orientation.
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