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Stumble Guys APK is inspired by obstacle course competitions, diverse levels, unique challenges, interaction with other players for a competitive and exciting experience.

Information of Stumble Guys

Name Stumble Guys
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.54.3
Size 175 MB
Category Game
Developer Kitka Games
Price Free

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About Stumble Guys APK

Stumble Guys APK is an online multiplayer game developed by Kitka Games and published on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The game is inspired by reality TV shows about obstacle courses, where players compete to overcome challenges and overcome opponents.

In Stumble Guys APK, players will face a series of different levels, each with unique challenges and obstacles. The player's goal is to complete the level and win by getting to the finish line first or by completing a specific goal depending on the type of level. Players can also use tactics, interact with other players, and use elements of the environment to advance in the game.

The game has a friendly, colorful and funny visual style, with compact characters having fun and unique shapes. Players can customize their characters by changing outfits and accessories.

Stumble Guys APK engages players by providing a fun, challenging and exciting experience in competition and a diverse community of players. This game is usually played as a short interactive game and is suitable for entertainment and relaxation.

Features of Stumble Guys APK

  • Multiplayer Multiplayer Experience: Stumble Guys APK is a multiplayer game that allows you to engage in competitive wars with other players from around the world.
  • Diverse levels: The game features a series of levels with unique challenges and obstacles. Each level has its own gameplay and goals.
  • Diversity of requirements: The game screen requires from the player flexibility, quick reflexes, tactical thinking and the ability to adapt to changing situations.
  • Character Customization: Players can customize their character by changing their outfits, accessories, and more to create a unique look.
  • Progression System: Games often come with a progression or level system, allowing players to advance through levels and unlock new content as they play more.
  • Events and Prizes: The Stumble Guys APK often host limited-time events in which players have the opportunity to participate to earn unique prizes or rare outfits.
  • Ranking System: Some versions of the game have a rating system to allow players to compete against each other and track their progress.
  • Friendly and funny interface: Stumble Guys APK often owns a unique interface, colorful images and funny effects to create a fun playing environment.


Pros and cons of Stumble Guys APK

Pros of Stumble Guys APK

  • Fun and entertaining: Stumble Guys APK creates a fun and entertaining play environment, suitable for short-term entertainment.
  • Level diversity: The levels in Stumble Guys APK are diverse with different challenges and obstacles, creating change and novelty for players.
  • Multiplayer Experience: The ability to play with other players creates social interaction and competition, making the game even more fun.
  • Character customization: The availability of custom character costumes and accessories helps players create their own style and stand out.
  • Progression System: The level and progression system provides motivation for players to stay engaged and improve their skills.
  • Friendly interface: Friendly visual design and bright colors create a comfortable and attractive playing space.

Cons of Stumble Guys APK

  • Can become repetitive: Due to the nature of levels and challenges, the game can become repetitive after a long playthrough.
  • Not suitable for players who want a long-term experience: Because of its fast and entertaining nature, Stumble Guys APK is not the right game for players who want to engage in long and deep battles.
  • Likelihood of becoming unattractive after a short time: Due to the entertaining and relaxing nature of the game, some players may find it uninteresting after a short while.
  • The possibility of falling short with repeated failures: Due to the competitive nature, players may have difficulty failing consecutively in stages, causing feelings of frustration.
  • Depends on internet connection: Since Stumble Guys APK is an online game, being dependent on an internet connection can be difficult without a stable connection.



Stumble Guys APK is a fun and entertaining multiplayer game, inspired by reality TV obstacle courses. With a variety of levels, unique challenges, and the ability to interact with other players, the game offers a competitive and exciting experience.

The advantage of Stumble Guys APK lies in its entertainment, variety of levels, the ability to customize characters and create a social interactive environment. However, the disadvantages of the game can include repetitiveness, not suitable for players who want a long-term experience, the ability to become unattractive after a short time, and the ability to disappoint when it fails. continuous.

Depending on the player's preferences and goals, Stumble Guys APK can be a fun game to entertain for a short period of time and relax after stressful working hours. However, if you're looking for an immersive and long-lasting gaming experience, you may need to consider other options that suit your preferences.

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