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Shinobi Girl Mini APK is an anime-themed action role-playing game designed on 2D graphics, built with attractive and engaging augmented reality technology.

Information of Shinobi Girl Mini

Name Shinobi Girl Mini
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 13.5 MB
Category Game
Developer Koooon Soft
Price Free

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Brief overview of Shinobi Girl Mini APK

An anime based game designed using augmented reality called Shinobi Girl Mini Apk. Players will feel more immersed thanks to the augmented reality component of the game. If you are a fan of Shinobi in the famous anime series, it will not take you long to get used to the atmosphere of the game. The character's appearance in this area is up to the player; So you have the option to continue as a Shinobi character from the main game or create a custom character to your liking.

Aesthetically, this game offers a palette of color and design decisions where the two are equal. The setting is a beautifully entertaining graveyard that matches the game's somber atmosphere. In addition, the Game screen shows basic information such as your current health (HP) and skills. In addition, the direct controls make it easy to navigate around the screen.

This 2D game has an engaging storyline that will revive your memories of the shinobi flood. You will be asked to perform a number of specific tasks in different environments. Although the characters in the game only move forward or sideways, you still have to beware of the large number of enemies that will try to attack you. As you progress in the game, you can earn upgrades that increase your max health and increase your chances of making it to the top.

Shinobi Girl Mini Inc. Managed by Bandai Namco, the company responsible for developing the game. You can have it by downloading it for free now and also install it without spending any money. Since the game doesn't need much space, you can install the game even without extra space. It also uses very little memory, so even cheap hardware can provide a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.


Shinobi is a character that can be played by players. However, although the idea of the game is based on the anime, there are some subtle differences between the two. For example, you will not spend most of your time fighting other cartoon characters; Instead, you'll spend most of your time dodging small enemies that will come your way. Other enemies include a snake-like arm with a protective covering, a spiky eye, and a pointed eye.


After defeating them you will be able to advance to the next game level. On the other hand, if you are defeated, your HP will continue to drop as long as you are in contact with the person who hit you. If this situation continues until the game is over, you will have to start the game again. As you play, you'll have the opportunity to earn upgrades that will make the experience even more exciting. Use the onscreen controls to escape or engage in combat.

Game Components

The game is driven by its enticing premise, but in addition it has some really solid components that more than justify your investment of time and effort. Check out some of its distinguishing features below:


Within the game, players can enjoy the fascinating view of the 2D environment. While this limits the available moves, it makes the game easier to understand for each participant. The background is made up of traditional Japanese designs, while each of the playable characters has their own unique look. Also, the atmosphere of the game is dynamic, which means you will encounter a variety of different settings instead of having a static background.

Control Mechanisms

The control method of Shinobi Girl Mini Apk consists of standard button layouts. The game's control scheme is limited to just a few buttons, as the two movement options in the game are sideways movement and jumping. Thus, its players avoid being hit by enemies by dodging their attacks.

You can jump higher with the UP button, you can jump right or left by tapping the appropriate button. Health percentage is another component that appears on screen, indicating how healthy your character is and how much damage they can take before defeating him.


Shinobi Girl Mini features commendable high-quality animations. The creators were able to give him some more realistic movements. You get some cool physics effects when you jump and move. In addition, each playable character in the game has their own unique move patterns. Therefore, the game will give you many different scenarios to choose from depending on the level of the game you are playing. When creating new characters or switching between existing characters, animation gives you the ability to change different shades of the game world.



The plot develops like a typical shinobi story. Shinobi are respected figures in Japanese society and are known for their ability to fight and succeed in the most dangerous conflicts. Therefore, the plot of this game is designed in such a way that the player can overcome all difficulties and advance to the next level. You will earn bonus points that will contribute to your gameplay and increase your power based on how long you can survive. These points will be awarded to you based on how long you can survive.

Free To Download

When you download from our site you can be sure that it won't cost you anything to play the game. The game can be downloaded completely for free and installed on your smartphone. You don't need to spend anything to access the game's features; this is convenient because there is no big store in the game where you can buy new characters or upgrade.

Free Advertising

When playing games, gamers won't have to worry about being distracted by annoying third-party apps. With this feature, you don't have to worry about ad interruption. You don't need to see ads to access the extra features of the game because the game is free.


Shinobi Girl Mini Apk is an exciting augmented reality game with simple components but engaging storyline and gameplay. The game may not have the most colorful or visually appealing environments or design, but the gameplay is satisfying due to the game's original premise. You can play Shinobi Girl Mini Apk for free by downloading and installing it from this page.

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