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SEGA games and Minecraft collaboration takes you to the MC world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Install Sonic Land MODS for Minecraft PE, collect rings and dash. Team Sonic Go!

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Information of Sonic Land Addon

Name Sonic Land Addon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.19, 1.18
Size 181 KB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer ArathNidoGamer
Price Free

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Minecraft Sonic Land Addon introduces a world inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. The addon gives you the same characters, enemies, and items but now in Minecraft. You will find new and exciting Sonic items in your MC bedrock. Here is what the Minecraft Sonic Land MODS features.  

  1. Green Hill Biome: Inspired by the Green Hill zone, this biome has different grass and soil. Soon as Sonic Land Addon Download completes and you use it, the addon replaces grassland. You will also notice new trees, objects, animals, etc. which are a part of the Sonic world. Use palm trees to generate wood to use later for creating buildings, crafting tools, and tables. You will find rings in the biome too which will add to your inventory. Super rings give you 10 to 20 rings. There are platforms that help you jump really high.
  2. NPC: Interact with the NPC in the Green Hill zone to exchange items for rings and diamonds. Maria trades shadow items and her skin, Cream sells armory and skins of Sonic characters and Vanilla sells ornaments.
  3. Shadow Rifle: Minecraft Sonic Land Games are super interactive. You can get the Shadow rifle by trading rings with Maria. The Shadow rifle has 20 bullets to shoot your enemies with. Fire away!
  4. Skins: You can get skins of all the characters by buying from Cream. Each character has its own unique appeal and abilities. Spin to make your character dash in the game. Dashing makes your character go super fast.
  5. Emeralds: There are 7 emeralds and each one has a different perk. If you get all 7 emeralds, you can become Super Sonic or Super Shadow. Super skin gives you the advantage of flying, running faster, and having a limitless potion effect and fight ability.
  6. Chao: These are the creatures that Sonic Land Minecraft Pocket Edition introduces. You can pet them by giving them apples. Tame and teach them to fly too. You will love these adorable little MC creatures.
  7. Kocos: These are flower biome creatures that will protect you from enemies if you tame them.


There are Sonic-themed vehicles added by this amazing addon. There is more to this incredibly resourceful addon. Download now and let the fun begin!

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