Forbidden Playground APK 1.2.0

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Forbidden Playground APK is a puzzle solving simulation game. Show your intelligence to solve tough puzzles and receive surprise gifts from the beautiful Anime characters in the game.

Information of Forbidden Playground

Name Forbidden Playground
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.0
Size 57.8 MB
Category Game
Developer Uncanny Salad
Price Free

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Forbidden Playground APK is a remarkable game currently on mobile platforms. With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, this game is attracting the interest of many gamers around the world. In this article, we will give you some detailed information about Forbidden Playground APK as well as the benefits of playing this game.

What is Forbidden Playground APK?

Forbidden Playground APK is a video game developed and published by the game maker from Korea, FT Games. This is a third-person shooter action game with gameplay similar to PUBG and Fortnite games. However, Forbidden Playground APK has its own style with beautiful graphics and many unique features.

In Forbidden Playground APK, players will play as a control character and have to fight enemies in a tough map. This game has many different game modes, including solo, duo and squad modes. Players need to use combat skills and strategy to win.

Special Features of Forbidden Playground APK

Stunning graphics: Forbidden Playground APK has beautiful, detailed and vivid graphics. All objects in the game are designed with high quality, from characters to landscapes.

Multiple game modes: Forbidden Playground APK has many different game modes for players to choose from. Players can choose to play solo, duo or squad, depending on their preferences.

Diverse weapon system: This game has a rich and diverse weapon system, from rifles, shotguns to heavy weapons. Players need to choose the right weapon to win.


Many unique features: Forbidden Playground APK has many unique features such as a diverse costume system, allowing players to change costumes for their characters to create diversity and richness for the game. In addition, the game also has a protection, support system and especially a very interesting pet system, allowing players to raise their favorite animals and use them to support in the match.

Mission and challenge system: Forbidden Playground APK provides a quest and challenge system, giving players the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. Players need to complete the assigned tasks to get more experience points and in-game currency. In addition, challenge is also an attractive feature, allowing players to compete and win on the leaderboard.

Benefits of playing Forbidden Playground APK

Entertainment and relaxation: This game is a great solution for those who want to entertain and relax after stressful working hours. Playing Forbidden Playground APK helps players satisfy their passion for shooting games with beautiful graphics and vivid sounds.

Enhance combat skills: Playing Forbidden Playground APK helps players develop and enhance their combat skills, team coordination and attack planning.

Connect with other players: This game allows players to connect and play together online, helping players connect with other players around the world and have a great experience.



Above is information about the game Forbidden Playground APK, a third-person shooter game with beautiful graphics and many unique features. Playing this game keeps players entertained, enhances their fighting skills and connects with other players around the world.

If you are looking for an interesting shooting game for entertainment and relaxation, then Forbidden Playground APK is a great choice. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound and many unique features, this game is sure to satisfy your passion for the shooter genre.

In addition, with the mission and challenge system, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards and experience more interesting features of the game.

In particular, playing Forbidden Playground APK also helps you enhance your fighting skills, team coordination and attack planning. This is a great way to practice skills and increase flexibility in arena situations.

Above all, Forbidden Playground APK is a shooting game worth playing and great for those who are looking for a fun game to entertain and practice skills. If you want to experience this game, download and install it right on your device to start this exciting adventure!

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