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Minecraft PE is an experimental version that allows users to use a variety of goods, elements, gems and coins to gain more power. If you want to win the game, you should collect more.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 183 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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Minecraft Update Tracks and stories

Users are satisfied with every update of the game and this time Mojang developers have carefully fixed some bugs. There are still many features available to Minecraft PE players, including archeology. With the help of special items and blocks, you can find something out of the ordinary in the desert. The content everyone is looking forward to in the Trails and Tales update.

Search for traces

Players move between regions and biomes as they explore the cubic world. A new building has appeared in one of the locations in Minecraft These are called excavations and are usually found near temples.

Ceramic shards

In total, in Minecraft PE, players can get 4 types of blocks, each with its own pattern. If you are lucky, all the factors add up, you will get a very nice old screen.

This work will amaze everyone who sees it and will become a real decoration of any home.

New Mobs in Minecraft PE

This version is not without the appearance of an unprecedented creature in the cubic world. The Sniff, for example, bears some resemblance to turtles, as if they hatched from eggs.

But at the same time, this mob in Minecraft has a peculiar behavior. The most important work for him is to find food, and the source of this animal's food is seeds.

Cherry blossom

Users have long dreamed that this biome would appear in the cubic world, and finally this day has come. The magnificent beauty of nature will captivate anyone who comes here. It always feels like it's spring in this place.


The cherry blossom tree drops leaves on the surface and the player can collect them. In Minecraft PE you can create a new paint color from it.

Experimental features

  • More cherry trees
  • Added a new set of cherry wood blocks
  • Added cherry boats and canoes
  • Added Pink Petals, used to create pink paint
  • Adjust the decorative pot neck
  • Added "Short Intrusion" test tag
  • Decorative pot neck is changed based on feedback
  • Decorative bowls do not stack in stock
  • The basic recipe for decorative pottery is now available in the Survival Recipe Book
  • Textured fill widget now based on default textured side texture of textured fill
  • Updated potter archer texture
  • I changed the brush recipe to use feathers, copper ingots and rods
  • Intermittent animation now works when brush is pressed in third person view
  • Added a slight delay to particles and sounds when using the Brush item
  • Crushed sand is no longer suitable for flooding
  • Shaded sand now connects to fence blocks
  • Suspicious sand now turns into regular sand after being blown away by a brush.
  • Sand sand now emits particles when the piston breaks it.
  • Fixed an issue causing suspicious Sand items to flash when scrubbing
  • Camels now stop dashing when entering a rideable property


Cherry grove

  • Meet the vibrant Cherry Grove with its beautiful cherry trees. You can find it in the mountains like meadows
  • It has a new flower, Pink Petals, which can be processed into Pink Dye as a ground cover.
  • Pigs, rabbits, sheep and bees lay eggs there.
  • Comes with a new cherry wood wood set

Short offside

  • The ability to sneak under 1.5 blocks is now beyond the Sneak Switch. Enable the button to continue testing the feature as we continue to improve it.

Vanilla equivalent

  • Renamed and enchanted weapons are now displayed in regeneration and colored chat windows when a player is killed by an entity wielding them.
  • Weighted platens now sound the same as in the Java version
  • Removed character limit for leaderboard goal names and goal display names
  • Watermelons and pumpkins can now grow in mud, podzol, earthen roots and muddy mangrove roots.
  • Nylium blocks now come with Netherrack in the creative inventory
  • Shield owners now disappear without sound effects when killed with the kill command /
  • Panda's collision box slightly scaled down to match the Java version
  • Polar bear collision frame slightly increased to match Java version
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