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Download Tentacle Pool Party APK is an attractive strategy based game for Android for you. With exciting gameplay that incorporates an exciting visual novel as you progress in the game.

Information of Tentacle Beach Party

Name Tentacle Beach Party
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1
Size 230 MB
Category Game
Developer yukarigames
Price Free

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Overview Tentacle Beach Party APK

An engaging visual novel with the evolution of the game has been added to the casual style game Tentacle Beach Party APK 2023 for Android. The player has a beautiful soundtrack, an engaging story, and excellent visuals. .

This game will take you to a beautiful resort with gorgeous women in gorgeous bikinis. Your main goal is to sneak them all away. The story unfolds in a strange world controlled by the tent god Yathugatha.

The story unfolds on an alien planet controlled by the tentacle god Tentacle Beach Party APK. She gave birth to a son named Karius and sent him to Earth to absorb humans' life force in order to deplete his energy reserves.

You will be taken to a wonderful beach resort in this game of gorgeous women in bikinis. Your goal is to kidnap these beautiful women without being noticed by other tourists or hotel staff.

There is a lot of fun and surprises in this game. Along the way you will meet a number of different girls, each with their own personality. First you decide which girl you want to marry; Some are friendly and some are violent.

As you complete the game, you'll go to new levels and earn points that you can use to buy tools to aid your success. Masks, stun guns, and other invaluable equipment are among the items.


Game Story - Tentacle Beach Party APK

Android phones and tablets can run Tentacle Beach Party APK for Android. It was originally based on the plot of a popular play in which teenage actors could grab and put on a girl's skirt. Players can store tents in lockers so they can wear skirts.

Therefore, you must pass the human test before the Tentacle Pool Party can begin. You can practice and then use the game faster by waiting for me to explain this technique in more detail. But it is very attractive and full of entertaining games for Android smartphones.


Tentacle Beach Party APK Free Download has pretty typical graphics. Colors, shapes and other graphics are designed for simple gameplay. The characters of the game are designed for simple appearance and behavior. In Tentacle Beach Party APK download, players will not notice a live or eye-catching wallpaper. Instead, people will mostly see pixelated color images. Beer in the bar and some other small details can be found in the game environment.

Tips for playing Tentacle Beach Party APK

In each level, you have to catch a certain number of girls to prevent your energy meter from running out. You can only capture one type of female per level and you must complete the required number of captures before proceeding to the next level.


But if you manage to catch another type of girl in the meantime, you will lose your job. As the levels get harder, it becomes harder for women to pass the liquid inside the barrel; Your goal is to finish 15 bottles; At least on every level.

The key to win the Tentacle Beach Party APK is to avoid being seen hunting your target as this will scare other girls and cause you to lose guests at your beach resort.


An engaging visual novel with different twists of gameplay has been added to the casual game series Tentacle Beach Party APK Android. The player has beautiful background music, an engaging story and excellent visuals. This game will take you to a beautiful resort with gorgeous women in gorgeous bikinis.

The latest version of Tentacle Beach Party APK is great if you want to kill some time on your trip or have fun playing a challenging strategy game. Stunning visuals enhance the game and make it fun. This game is free to play and there are no intrusive ads to deal with while playing.

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