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RLCraft is a modpack for Minecraft, with these extra features together create a challenging and dangerous Minecraft world, with ferocious monsters, harsh weather and scarce resources.

Information of RLCraft

Name RLCraft
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.4.0
Size 13.5 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Elytra
Price Free
Google Play Link com.RLCraftmod.RLCraftmodsforMCPE

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About RLCraft

RLCraft is a modpack for Minecraft, developed by the famous modder Shivaxi. This modpack focuses on raising the difficulty and enhancing the realism of Minecraft, with the aim of creating a more extreme and challenging gaming experience for the players.

RLCraft includes many mods, including tough mods like Tough As Nails, Hunger Overhaul, and Rough Mobs 2, as well as new mods like Ice and Fire: Dragons, The Betweenlands, and Rats. Together these extras create a challenging and dangerous Minecraft world, filled with ferocious monsters, harsh weather, and scarce resources.

In addition, RLCraft also includes many new features such as skill trees, improved crafting system and other survival support features. All these features combine to create a new and unique Minecraft gaming experience, and make RLCraft a popular modpack in the Minecraft community.

Features of RLCraft

Here are some details about all the features of RLCraft:

  • New and more dangerous monsters and creatures: RLCraft includes many new monsters and creatures such as giant dragons, assassins and zombies. These monsters have higher strength and stamina than regular Minecraft monsters and require players to use different skills and tactics to defeat them.
  • Severe weather: RLCraft has a new weather system with different conditions like hot, cold, dry and overcast. The weather can affect a player's health, causing problems like depression, dehydration, and illness.
  • Skills and Level System: RLCraft has a new skill and level system that allows players to practice and progress through different levels. Players can practice skills such as attack, defense, the ability to climb and throw objects, thereby helping players cope with more difficult challenges.
  • New crafting system: RLCraft has a new crafting system that allows players to craft better items and tools. Items can be upgraded using different accessories and components, thereby helping the player to cope with more difficult challenges.
  • Scarcity Resources: RLCraft has a more difficult and scarce resource system than regular Minecraft versions. Players will have to search for resources more carefully and use them effectively to deal with more difficult challenges.
  • Other survival features: RLCraft also has many other survival features such as hunger, thirst, sickness and pain. These features cause the player to manage the survival needs of the character more carefully, while also presenting a more psychological challenge to the player.
  • Defense and Protection System: RLCraft has a new defense and defense system that helps players build safe structures and defend them from attacks by monsters. Players can use items and tools to build their own settlements and bases, thereby making them safer in the dangerous world of RLCraft.
  • New Energy System: RLCraft has a new energy system that allows players to utilize different energy sources to use for different tools and items. This energy system presents a new challenge for players and helps them find ways to make the most of different energy sources in order to survive.
  • Different game mode system: RLCraft offers many different game modes so that players can experience the game in their own way. Players can choose survival mode, creative mode or single player mode.
  • Compatibility with other mods: RLCraft is also compatible with other Minecraft mods, allowing players to customize the game in their own way.


Above are some key features of RLCraft. Thanks to these features, the game becomes more difficult and challenging, and exposes players to new and more exciting experiences.

Graphics of RLCraft

The graphics of RLCraft have not changed much compared to the original Minecraft. However, due to the modpack nature and the way the installation requires higher system resources, RLCraft can sometimes make it difficult to download and play for low-powered computers.

In addition, RLCraft uses unique texture packs to change the appearance of items and monsters, making the game more diverse and more vivid. However, the use of these texture packs can also increase the load on the computer system.

How to play, gameplay of RLCraft

RLCraft is a rather difficult modpack and requires players to have basic Minecraft experience before trying this modpack. Here are some gameplay and tips for RLCraft newbies:

Management of survival needs: In RLCraft, the survival needs of the character such as food, water, sleep and flashlight are very important. Players need to manage these needs carefully to avoid blood loss or death due to lack of water, hunger and fatigue.

Pay attention to your character's health and food: RLCraft has a more complex health system than the original Minecraft, including both physical and mental health. Players need to pay attention to the character's health and use medicines and food to restore health if needed.

Seek shelter and build a safe base: Since RLCraft has more dangerous monsters than the original Minecraft, players need to seek shelter and build a safe base to avoid being attacked. Protective structures such as stone walls or barriers also need to be built to help protect the player from monsters.

Resource Gathering: In RLCraft, resources such as stone, wood, and metal are also important for the player to be able to build and improve his base. Players should search for resource-rich areas and use the right tools to collect them.


Focus on improving equipment and weapons: RLCraft has a wide variety of weapons and equipment ranging from giants to bows and arrows. Players need to focus on improving their equipment and weapons to deal with more dangerous monsters.

Pay attention to weather conditions: In RLCraft, weather conditions can affect a character's survival status. For example, in case of rain, the player needs to seek shelter or wear a raincoat to avoid blood loss and getting drenched.

Pay attention to character skills and levels: RLCraft has a separate skill and level system for weapons and equipment. Players need to focus on improving their character's skills and levels in order to effectively use more powerful weapons and equipment.

Find and use potions: In RLCraft, potions can help players restore health, increase skills and levels, or outwit monsters. Players should find and use potions to help enhance the character's strength.

Participate in PvP Battles: RLCraft features a variety of PvP and player-versus-player matches. Players can participate in these matches to test their level and have a chance to win attractive rewards.

Join the RLCraft community: RLCraft has a huge community across game platforms, including many players and modpack developers. Joining this community can help players learn more about the game, find other players to play with, and find the latest modpacks and texture packs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RLCraft


  • Impressive and realistic graphics.
  • Complex survival system, providing exciting and challenging gaming experience.
  • New and innovative features, including new monster types, skill and level systems, and rich item and equipment systems.
  • The gaming community is large and creative, offering various modpacks and texture packs to customize the game to the player's preferences.


  • Requires players to have high patience and care, because the game is very difficult and challenging.
  • The game has elements of horror and violence, not suitable for all players.
  • Requires a computer with good configuration to be able to play smoothly and experience the full features of the game.
  • There are no clear instructions for new players, making it difficult to understand and participate in the game.


Overview of RLCraft shows that this is a Minecraft modpack game that has many new features and is more complex than the original version. With beautiful graphics and exciting survival experience, RLCraft is a fascinating game for those who love challenge and discovery. However, playing RLCraft also requires patience and care, as well as a well-configured computer for the best experience. If you are a fan of Minecraft and want to challenge yourself with a more difficult game, RLCraft is a great choice.

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