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Minecraft PE is the world famous 3D sandbox game. Game players can go on an adventure in the new world. Latest version for you with many updated features.

Information of Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft PE
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 176 MB
Category Minecraft PE
Developer Mojang
Price Free

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In-depth description of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is a unique game created by Mojang, a Swedish game developer. This game is specially designed with poor graphics.

Bad visuals are not a flaw in this game. This is one of the many great features the game includes.

Minecraft PE has created a world with unlimited lifelike possibilities. The concept of this game has attracted the attention of many game makers in the fashion game industry.

This game is a unique combination of MMORPG and crafting. This game with great gameplay offers us a fun game that all ages will enjoy. The creators of this game have devised a very interactive game with less poor graphics. We think the thought process behind this has to do with the fact that you don't need complex graphics to fully experience your creativity.

Minecraft PE has some unique features that you'll want to explore; Read on to learn more about the Minecraft game app.

Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft PE

Minecraft is a survival game where everything in the game interacts with each other. You can download this game on PC, Android and IOS devices.

This game is simple but very creative; It has a structure of endless possibilities. This is one of the reasons why it is played all over the world. Minecraft PE for Android, desktop and iOS works fine once you install and download it from the right channel.

In this game you have to survive some situations that you face as a player and remember that everything is always interactive. The game gives you resources, and you can use those resources to build stuff, anything you think you can do.

You are facing dangerous creatures. Ideally, you should craft weapons and armor for protection and self-defense. Some resources are not automatically available to you; Sometimes you need to find or take advantage of these tools.


This is a well optimized game that does not require a lot of resources on your phone. Resources like storage space, battery consumption and more are well managed in this app. Minecraft PE has amazing performance, great gameplay and concept. Explore many different worlds and build everything from start to finish with Minecraft PE

Experimental Features

  • When placing a Mob Head on a Note Block, the Note Block will now play one of the ambient sounds for that mob when played by a player or supported by a Redstone!
  • Now the Piglins will hang their heads when the accused ivy kills them!
  • Placing the Piglin Head on the Note Block will play one of Piglin's ambient sounds.
  • The pig's head will flap its ears when triggered by the player's Redstone!
  • Added a bamboo block that can be crafted from 9 bamboo.
  • Added an inverted bamboo block that can be obtained using an ax on a bamboo block.
  • Bamboo Block and Stripped Bamboo Block can be converted into two bamboo panels

Vanilla equality

New parity exchange! Main:

  • Added new controllable egg items for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem and Wither mob.
  • Polar bear eggs have changed color to distinguish them from GST. lay egg

Style game

This game has a unique gameplay that has made it popular over the years. You can play in different creative modes in a world of endless possibilities. Access many resources and use them to fight enemies. Use armor and weapons produced from these resources to fight against gangs and evil creatures.

You can also play this game alone or with friends using Minecraft PE online. Buy more resources like maps, texture packs, skins, etc. from the market and you can use them to expand your game.


You can play with up to 10 friends on different platforms using the Minecraft app. You must have a good network connection and be able to play in multiple regions, wherever you are.


Play online with up to 4 friends on Xbox and in multiplayer. Alternatively, use an online multiplayer server and play against thousands of others online. You can discover and connect with large online communities; You can also compete in different mini games.

User interface

This game has an easy to use interface. The game is very simple with simple controls. Anyone can pick up and play this game with just a few clicks. This game is famous for its terrible graphics, this is still one of its attractions. Some unusual graphic details still make the game interesting. You can also see the interesting pixels of the doll and some nice locations.


Various bugs have been fixed in the update. It has all been carried over from the beta and preview versions of the update.

The developers have also made various technical changes. We will highlight only the most important ones. View the remaining changes on the developer's website by clicking the "Official Change Log" button.

  • Examples of updated behavior and resource pack: aka.ms/MCAddonPacks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting players to other dimensions using commands.
  • Some components no longer require testing
  • Added 'on_fire', 'on_hot_block', 'target_distance' and 'hp' filters


Minecraft is a very interactive game with many scenarios; It helps you think by putting your game avatar in a variety of dilemmas. You can be creative and think about the next step you need to take.

This game helps your logical thinking ability. It does not contain the usual violence that the latest games have and is a good choice for young children. It helps them develop logical and creative thinking skills in a safe graphical environment.

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