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Download Learn The Heart Apk is a dating simulation mobile game that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of relationships and love. Learn The Heart APK for Android game latest version.

Information of Learn The Heart

Name Learn The Heart
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 2.0
Size 53.4 MB
Category Game
Developer FDPStudio
Price Free
Google Play Link com.fdpstudio.learntheheart

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Passionate romantic stories with Learning Hearts

Dating games in which players have many dates with different girls have become one of the most popular genres, especially on mobile terminals, where the point-and-click mechanism as well as The versatility of their controls creates thousands of stories full of romance, drama, and passion. Learn The Heart fully knows the potential of this kind of game, that's why its title gives all Android mobiles and tablets an interactive graphic novel with a game style. Dating simulation play and pixel graphics have attracted the attention of hundreds of users. player.

Learn what is the heart?

Learn the Heart is a dating simulator mobile game with a subtle focus on adult content. In his story, the player controls a character who, after a tiring break from work, will return to his hometown, where all the friends he met in his childhood will be much more attracted to him and will have different characteristics. Different way, exclusive dialogues and animations, so you'll have to check them out throughout the game.

In addition, the latest version of Learn The Heart APK will include a large number of situations, mini-games and challenges that, in addition to unlocking exclusive content, will allow users to have hours of fun with this game title.

Advantages of Learn the Heart

Titles like Drift Girls or The Arcana include stories and styles very similar to Learn the Heart APK. However, this game remains one of the most popular in its genre, as it has a large number of unique features and functions.

Most likely playable

Choosing the right dialogue and dating girls will not be enough for them to fall in love with the main character, because in the latest version of Learn the Heart APK, some mini games and challenges have been implemented, when successfully passed, they will give the player prizes that can be exchanged for cosmetics or gifts for the girls, quickly increasing their friendship points.


Unique girl

The 5 girls in Learn The Heart APK are Caroline, Mary or Sheryl, in addition to having eye-catching looks, they also have very different personalities and interests, some like to dance, go shopping, some like to read books. or watch movies.

All of this will allow each player to have different ways of proposing and winning the girl they like best, however, it should also be made clear that knowing each person's preferences will be essential to the outcome. of the game, because when gift delivery or dialogue is very poorly supported, the secret scene cannot be unlocked.

Arcade visual style

Although many dating games are created in 2d, Learn The Heart has gone beyond all plans, as it has developed a pixel-based visual design that is very similar to the design of arcade titles. . This also brings additional benefits to players, because thanks to the simplicity of the intuitive system, lower mid-range mobile phones will be able to easily run Learn the Heart APK for Android.

Secret interaction

Users who make the right decision and manage to increase the maximum number of hearts for one of the girls, will be able to formalize their relationship and have more intimate and romantic interactions in H mode.

This game mode will provide an environment in which the player can freely control all the animations, as this mode will allow you to choose between 59 positions, movement speed, machine position image, opacity bar for character and time. access. fun.

Intuitive controls and formatting

The touch controls of the latest Learn the Heart APK version are extremely simple, as they will only help the player navigate through six different levels, view the items in their inventory, and select a dialogue. For this reason, the game can be played on any screen size, as its interface automatically adapts to any format.


Disadvantages of Learn the Heart

Since the release of the latest version, the Learn the Heart APK mobile game is at the best playable moment. However, this hasn't stopped some timing and game difficulty issues from affecting the user experience.

Simple difficulty

The difficulty of Learn the Heart is based solely on the dialogue that the player decides to use in the chat, because although it includes many mini-games in the latest version, these games are not very complicated and often base their mechanics on other titles like Candy Crush or memory puzzles.

The story is predictable and fast

In Learn the Heart APK, you will always seek attention and acceptance from girls, so your story will never delve into personalities, conflicts or even create melodramatic dramas. between them. For this reason, many users have classified Learn the Heart as a rather simple and monotonous linear plot.

Exclusive content

Learn the Heart APK is made by a very small team, so some secret interactions are only available to those who have signed up for the maker's Patreon. Fortunately, it should be clarified that this can be avoided by downloading some alternative versions.

Download Learn Hearts APK for Android for free

For Android devices, Learn the Heart will not be found in the official Google Play store as distribution of this app is currently only allowed on alternative sites and sites via the APK format.

In this way, to find the latest Learn The Hearts APK version, you should use a web browser like Google or Bing, as these will provide quality filters that always show safe download links and most effective.

Finally, users who already have this file on a compatible Android terminal, just enable the "unknown sources" option in the options menu, run the game and follow all the necessary installation steps .

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