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Download Cute Honey: Bunny Girl APK is an attractive tower defense strategy game for Android devices. Players will use props in each level to reduce Eliza's fitness and win.

Information of Cute Honey: Bunny Girl

Name Cute Honey: Bunny Girl
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0
Size 823 MB
Category Game
Developer Lovely Games
Price Free

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Theme of the game Cute Honey: Bunny Girl APK

Humans and elves used to live together on the same continent, but after the war, humans chased goblins into the underworld. As the defender of humanity, players will use various methods to prevent the evil Elise from entering human society.

Over time, the horned antelope gradually disappeared from human history and became a species found only in myths and legends. Those who still believe that beastmen are real, biologists with no major news, and a handful of pioneers. There are always teenagers infiltrating human society, despite adult interference...

Working in a bar, Elise meets a pretty singer. However, her flirtatious nature makes it difficult for her to restrain herself when she hides her identity not only from reporters but also from her lover. Afterward?

Introduction: Cute Honey: Bunny Girl APK

Bunny Girl is a tower defense strategy game, as the story progresses, the player can use elements in each scene to reduce the power of Elise to achieve the ultimate goal of stopping her monsters invade human society.


In the game, you will experience the charm of Elise in human form and overcome the demonic state of the beautiful Elise, in addition, there are many attractive moves waiting for you to discover. There are also hidden badges and unexpected achievements to earn!

Stop succubus

Each level in Cute Honey: Bunny Girl revolves around the player blocking Elise's advance. To do this, they will need to use various items designed to reduce the power of resentment.

Most of the game is like a simple tower defense game. Elise will appear at one end of the map with a clearly marked path to follow no matter what. The player will then use items to slow them down, weakening them enough to eventually defeat them.


Unfortunately, the game hasn't evolved beyond that.

Girls and elves

Excellent art quality: each character is very well designed and the cartoonish aesthetic really matches the rest of the game. The picture quality in some parts of the game can be a bit disappointing, but this is mainly due to the terrible subtitle animation.


  • Great art style
  • Fun game
  • Interesting plot


  • Some translation problems
  • Dull UI
  • The game can get a bit repetitive after a while

Features of Cute Honey: Bunny Girl APK

  • Minigames must be removed to release the required CG
  • Some countries have high difficulty levels.
  • This is the mainstay of using the free DLC R18 patch.
  • All melon products are of high quality and recommended.

Overall, Cute Honey: Bunny Girl is a good little game because of its serious theme. This is a game with more than enough gameplay for casual players to enjoy.

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