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Download Bottle Biosphere APK is a simulation game to experience a wonderful and fascinating ecological world. With stunning graphics and unique gameplay that appeals to players.

Information of Bottle Biosphere

Name Bottle Biosphere
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2
Size 984.18 MB
Category Game
Developer KumonosuGame
Price Free

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Bottle Biosphere is an extremely interesting virtual world simulation game, designed to help players better understand the ecology and evolution of living species. With a combination of beautiful graphics and diverse interactive features, Bottle Biosphere has attracted the attention of players around the world.

This game is available on various platforms, including Android and iOS operating systems. However, in this article, we will focus on the APK version of this game and its outstanding features.

What is Bottle Biosphere APK?

To be able to play Bottle Biosphere game on Android devices, users need to download the APK version of this game. APK stands for "Android Application Package", which is a file format that allows users to install and use Android applications on different devices.

The APK version of Bottle Biosphere can be found on various game download sites on the Internet. However, to ensure the safety of your device, users should download the version from trusted sources.

The outstanding features of the game Bottle Biosphere APK

Diverse gameplay

Bottle Biosphere is a virtual world simulation game that allows the player to create different habitats and manage them during development. In this game, players will have to take care of creatures, balance the ecosystem and find ways to develop different habitats.


Nice graphics

Bottle Biosphere is designed with impressive graphics and sharp images, allowing players to experience a beautiful virtual world. The sound effects are also meticulously cared for, making the game more attractive than ever. The sounds of creatures and natural phenomena are played back clearly and vividly, giving players the feeling of living in a whole new world.

High interactivity

In the Bottle Biosphere, players can interact with creatures and their habitats naturally and dynamically. Players can choose different operations to change the habitat of the creatures and observe how they change over time.

Bonus points system

Bottle Biosphere also has a reward system for players, depending on the ability to manage and develop the habitat of the creatures. Players can get more bonus points if they succeed in developing suitable habitats for the creatures and keeping the ecosystem in balance.


Free and does not require internet connection

Bottle Biosphere APK is a free game that does not require the player to connect to the internet to play. This makes it possible for players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, even without a network connection.


In the game Bottle Biosphere APK, players will experience a wonderful and attractive ecological world. With stunning graphics and unique gameplay, the game has attracted much attention from the gaming community.

Experiencing challenges and tasks in the game, players have had the opportunity to learn and uncover the secrets of a complete and diverse ecosystem. From caring for and nurturing plants to resource management, they all help players better understand the importance of protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.

We hope that players have had hours of fun with Bottle Biosphere APK and learned many useful things during the game. Please continue to explore and experience our other great titles in the future.

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